Making It To The Oasis

Smelling the roses.
(photo K Burke)

I’m planning on making the Oasis even if I have to drag myself by my fingernails. And the closer I get the more realistic this seems. I feel the trajectory of getting weaker. But I’m making it to the Oasis.

It’s a shortie today. Annie is about to walk through the door.

oasis loves, Felipé.

11 thoughts on “Making It To The Oasis”

  1. Yes!!! I love it. We’re behind you all the way. And guess what’s coming up this weekend? Yet another 4th of July I wasn’t sure I’d ever see. Hang in there, my friend. We’re holding the rope for you.
    Molly Bloom

  2. I’m guessin a visit from Annie is more fun that weeding corn? She’s a gem!
    If Annie is still there, give her a hug from me…
    I’m going to be up right after the fourth- ish, depending on fire danger here, and I look forward to seeing you and Becca and tackling whatever is needed.
    And, yeah, sure seems like you’ll be at the Oasis, fingernails intact.
    Rasmus will be there, too.

    1. Steve – O ~ Yup, you guessed it. Annie is more fun than weeding. But the weeding is under control for the moment. Jim has been busy. Looking forward to seeing you. Felipé.

  3. good to chat with you all briefly today – what a gift! Love from Vermont (where Jack and I walked a mini ‘Phil’s Camino’ trail out in the Essex woods!

    ps…if you feel like you’re dragging, I hope we Caminoheads can all help carry you as you have done for us.

    1. Catalina ~ Yes, fun to see you too. Good job getting the troops motivated. Onward! Felipé.x

  4. My dear Felipé I send you extra hugs from the north.
    My thoughts and Prayers are with you.
    Present travel restrictions will prevent me from being at the Oasis. 🙁
    Solvitur Ambulado.

    1. William ~ Well, things may change. We would all hope to see you. I‘m trying to get the corn growing now. Felipé.

  5. Ultreia y Suseia!
    As we have all said at one time or another “Just keep walking” or as my yoga teacher says “Keep breathing.”
    You are an example to all of us of these concepts. See you soon!

    1. Ronaldo ~ Yes, just keep walking! My pace is a lot slower. But we are still going. Felipé.

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