(photo P Volker)

Today I am off to the Institute to see Nugget. And I will be in the company of Catherine who is driving and Annie my interpreter. Then we will have a chance to spend a few minutes with Danger Zone before departing Seattle.

So, I have a few minutes and I thought maybe I could squeeze a blog post in here before all that starts. So, a full day.

What occurs to me at the moment is that vision of that flower growing and blooming in the crack in the pavement. Or the flowers we tried to grow in the debris along I-5. That flower is what I am feeling like at the moment. To be that long shot. To be the idea of resilience. And I still have this my little flower to communicate for me.

Off we go!

little flower loves, Felipé.

8 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Glad Catherine and Annie are with you today. We travel together, pray, hold each other up and are gift to each other. Love is what it is. Love is so beautiful.

    1. Michelle ~ Yes, they both went with me to the hospital. And have been here helping out since. Thanks for being part of my support too. Felipé.x

  2. So glad that you are walking this part of the Camino with other pilgrims, Phil!

    I am walking with you too from here!
    Love you all!
    (A lot)


  3. Such an amazing concept that something so seemingly fragile can power up against the forces of hard concrete to make its presence known…but it happens…and it is miraculous! So, we know miracles are around everywhere! Love you lots and miss you!

    1. Carol ~ miracles are everywhere! Good to hear from you. See you at the Oasis. Felipé.x

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