It’s Easy To Feel…

Tasha Tudor fighting the battle with a parrot on her shoulder.
(photographer unknown)

It is easy to feel overloaded, overwhelmed these days. There is plenty of heavy duty news from the places where the fight against the virus is the most intense. The reports from the nurses in the ICU units are heartbreaking and heroic and surreal simultaneously. And frankly they height me down with a certain grief that is hard to shake.

It is necessary to be aware of the situation of course. Being unaware would be inexcusable. But we all have our own lists to accomplish and our own set of problems to negotiate at the same time. It is a war being fought pretty much everywhere now. And winning the small battles in our personal lives will cut down on the necessity for drastic measures. We are all asked to do this as a people.

I keep thinking of my pig dream (March 22 post). It bothers me with a good bother. It keeps me focused on what I and the people around me need to do to win our own particular local battles in this war. This war isn’t going to be won in any one place at any one time. It will be won worldwide by everyone.

I have to go. I fell exhausted and my day is just beginning. Bless you in your own corner of the world.

shaking the overload loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “It’s Easy To Feel…”

  1. It’s not easy, on top of the cancer journey, this Covid. It’s hard to remember to be still. The simple beauty of your video of your Camino really touched me in this. Simple. One step in front of the other. Prayer. And the beauty of God ingrent in the path before you.

    Sending love.

    1. Karen ~ good to hear from you! So glad that you liked that funky little video. That trail has done a lot for me and a whole bunch of others. Hope that you will make it here one of these times. Bless you and your journey. Felipé.x

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