In Between

In between.
(photo P Volker)

The 28th of December today and betwixt and between the big holidays. If we were kids we would be lost in the glamor of our new toys. But now it seems more of a time to rest up and clean up. Debris from Christmas seems to last for days no matter what hiding out here and there.

The sausage making got wrapped up yesterday with 45 lbs of product all together. It’s all in the freezer now waiting to be called to be parts of happy meals in the future. “Sparky” our grinder made it through another yearly session as did I. He is one champ. May have to have him stuffed when he finally sparks out.

And then there is my Friday appointment coming up with Nugget at the Institute. What a way to celebrate New Year’s Eve? He thought it would be a good idea.

Hope that you are doing well where you are today. I know it may not feel like our old normal, right. But we are called to do something with this. Cris would say what is the opportunity? That is what we have to find and act on.

finding and acting loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “In Between”

  1. Hi Phil,

    Like the message to myself with my birthday cake, even if we think we are drowning, as it has been the feeling at times this past year, there is still something else to do: build a coral castle.

    More than ever: Acting Loves,

    1. Cris ~ good one! There was a Marine Officer named Chesty Puller whose unit was completely surrounded by the enemy. His pithy remark? “Well they can’t get away from us now.!” Miss you, Felipé.x

  2. I think that as in all of life, our attitude as we walk the path is so important to our health – holistic health. You are an example of one who has harnessed the multiple facets of your diamond-like life and built joy for yourself and others. Corn, Camino, Catholicism (did I get the 3 C’s right?) might now be joined by the 3 S’s: Sausage, Survivor, Sassy Smiles.

    I suspect Nugget wants to see you on New Years Eve as a blessing to all involved, just as each of us would enjoy time together.

    Don’t forget to eat your 12 grapes at midnight!

    A New Year is an adventure,


    1. Thanks Ronaldo ~ yes, twelve grapes, we can do that! Thanks for you and Ann being here with us on this walk. We are somehow turning our light hearted ness into gold. Alchemy for our times. Happy New Year to you both! Felipé.x

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