How About Cancer Commando Poets?

Color from My Rebecca's roses of last summer.
Color from My Rebecca’s roses of last summer.

It’s a direction. It’s an idea. It’s an outlet. It’s a place to hang out, maybe a place of sanctionary. I really like the three words together as they sit there side by side.

The plural implies that there are more than one or it is a group perhaps. Well, it isn’t yet, not today anyway. But it is just waiting to happen. My Rebecca started a group called Visual Delights on Vashon on FaceBook with just an idea. Now after a few years there are over 1500 people in it. That’s a group, right?

Big day for Felipe today. Mass with Catherine, Reconciliation with Father Marc, Sermon from Terry Hershey on Grace, 40 minutes with Sister Joyce, then Camino walk and tapas to top everything off. Man, I’m going to be blown into another dimension after all that.

OK later, wishing you alperfect, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “How About Cancer Commando Poets?”

  1. Love reading Sabbath moment. Thanks for turning me on to it!
    Love to all of you over there on Vashon.

    1. Erin ~ Yes, it is a good one, he is a good one too. He spoke at Rebecca’s church this AM. How are you guys? Miss your smiles, Felipe.

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