Getting Ready

I did four of these wall monster cabinets to cover whiteboards at St. John Vianney’s classrooms.  
Same cabinet with doors open to show whiteboard. the insides of th doors have cork for pinning up materials.  Catherine helped me install them.  Good job Catherine, all nice and level.


Yup, in that packing mode, with a hundred details that all seem so important.  Just back from Mass with Catherine where Father David gave me the Pilgrim’s Blessing and handed me an envelope of people and things to pray for at Lourdes.  Off in a few moments to My Rebecca’s church because she is giving the sermon today.  Then at 4 is our walk and tapas.  I better have the majority of my packing completed by then.

Making myself tired thinking about all this stuff.  Have to trust that it will all come together, which it will.  Tomorrow evening having dinner in LA with Annie, Padre Tomas and some of the Padre’s fellow priests.  Looking forward to being there with them  for this get together.

Have to give you a report on our first supermarket parking lot tailgate party of the season.  It was nice and warm in the sunshine for Catherine and I to eat our bagels, donuts and coffee and talk theology.  She named this tailgate theology.  People pass by and say hi or they linger for a few minutes to talk and we sprinkle Camino dust on them.

It is quiet and peaceful here right now.  Time to take a few deep breaths and be grateful.  Ah, that is very good.  My Rebecca’s homily today is on gratitude so I am in the groove.  OK, time to go.

If you have anyone that I can pray for in Lourdes let me know via email.  I will try and make that happen for you and them.  Also the blog will continue there.

Later, love, Felipe.



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready”

  1. Phil, Tailgate theology. I like that. We saw a whole raft of people being baptized, confirmed, received this morning; all those things that we Episcopalians do. It was uplifting. Traveling mercies on your journey to Lourdes. Dave.

    1. Hi Dave ~ A raft of Episcopalians, I like it. And good job being uplifted. Thanks for your well wishes on my pilgrimage. In LA now and tomorrow we fly out non stop to Southern France. Also, while I have you, I am so happy with Hard Scrabble. I really related to the story. It made a lot more sense to me than a lot of fancy books. Hope to see you again so we can talk about it. Also, do you have anyone that I can pray for in Lourdes. I have a ton of names and why not one or a few more. Pleasure to know you, Felipe.

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