Out The Door

Felipe (with hair) and Rebecca. Old pic from our last trip to CA.


Out the door and off to the airport early this morning.  Right now I’m onboard in seat 22A and the plane is backing out of the gate.  Rainy and gray outside the window.  LA should have some sun for me in a few hours.  

Just read Richard Rohr’s and Terry Hershey’s blog.  Love those guys.  And I am going to try and get my post written while I’m in the air as who knows what free time the rest of the day will bring.  Padre Tomas will be meeting me at LAX and will lead the way.  Which is a good thing for Felipe who always finds California confusing.

I got a serious list of people that I am taking to Lourdes with me.  And the list is growing.  I haven’t opened an envelope that Father David gave to me.  I am guessing there are more names in there.  

Oh, here is my sunshine.  And there is Mount Rainer off the port side.  I think I am the only one looking out the window.  Our devices seem to be more entertaining these daze.

The snow on the mountain blends right into the horizontal cloud cover, cool effect.  There should me more mountains visible coming up, Adams, St. Helens and Hood for now.  Oh, there is Adams.  Flying right over our old elk hunting area.  Can’t any trees or elk, too many clouds.  And there is Hood right below me.  I think I am see g climbers on it, is that possible?

Just want to mention that I really enjoyed My Rebecca’s sermon yesterday on gratitude.  She brought up some great points and possibilities.  One thing I need to look up as it deserves more study and that is Jesus and curing the ten lepers.  One came back to thank Him and Jesus told him something like go you are healed.  Healing only comes after thankfulness?  In the feeding of the five thousand also before the food was passed out Jesus prayed and gave thanks.  Thanksgiving precedes abundance.  Thank you Rebecca.

Well, I think that I will buy some food, had a rushed breakfast back five hours ago.  Thanks for taking this plane ride with me.  I will give you the latest from the Padre and the Producer later on.  Flying high loves, Felipe. 

4 thoughts on “Out The Door”

  1. Safe travels! Thank you for taking us all and our prayers with you!
    Would be nice to read what Rebecca wrote for the sermon… The phrase that says that “gratitude turns what we have in enough” always keep me coming to my bases, how would it be if we meet everything with a “Thank You”?

    Anyway, the important thing now is your pilgrimage has started… Buen Camino!!!
    Love and gratitude,

    1. Cris ~ yes, we are on our way. Just had dinner with the Padre and Annie. Planning on getting a lot of sleep tonight. And yes I will ask My Rebecca for some of her writing on gratitude and we can talk about it. It was quite a good sermon. Yes, I will bring all the Caminoheads along to Lourdes and pray for you. Take care, Felipe.x

  2. Phil,
    I read all your blogs and pray alongside, am not able to BE there, but so appreciate your being here every day. Great wonder at this trip, praying on and along, love to you and Rebecca, Michelle

    1. Michelle ~ thank you for all you do. Wonderful to have you along. Finally here in Lourdes after all night flight. Felipe.x

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