Farmer John And Me

Phil’s Camino – So Far So Good on the big screen.

Too tired to post much. It was an incredible weekend and I am in recovery mode. Farmer John is here an extra day to help clean up. Everything good but exhausted.

incredible weekend loves, Felipé.


Monday 0900-1000
Tuesday 1600-1700
Thursday 0900-1000
Sunday 1600-1700


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  1. I’m so happy to hear that you are in recovery mode, that all went well and that John is there helping you and Rebecca bask in the afterglow that will appear once you wake up.

    And I bet some ideas are rattling around in your head that have the words “next time let’s …” in the mix.

    Buen Camino to all who were there in contact with the ground and those of us just enjoying from a distance.

    1. Ronaldo ~ “rattling around”, yes are the key words. It was a pilgrimage for us all. Live large, Felipé.

  2. Dear Felipe (and Farmer John),
    Cris CSABC reporting here from Seattle-Tacoma airport on the first leg on the flight to continue the Caminoheads mission in South America from the Buenos Aires, Argentina Bureau.
    This Caminoheads first official Veranda (wow my autocorrect Veranda with capital “V”!!) has been a unique experience, a true celebration of OUR LIVES, pretty amazing we made it happen, and although there was a lot involved, at a point it “just happened”…
    I want to go home with an image my retina and my heart captured on Sunday evening… I walked out from your kitchen with the trays with the corn, and the tapas table was full of pilgrims and full of delicious food, wine, and hands crossing over the table handing food to others… I had walked into the kitchen a few minutes and the table was empty… Rho and I had talked a few hours before considering what we would have for dinner… and a bit later, the table was full… I think on the multiplication of the bread from the gospels… each of the pilgrims brought what they had, surely thinking it was “not a lot”… and at the end, there were plenty leftovers to feed many more (and other days…)
    I think it is the “gift that keeps giving”… and the gift is LOVE.

    Multiplied Loves,
    Cris (departing to Dallas for my first flight leg!)

    1. Cris ~ we know that we can still do it right? We were all trained well. Thanks so much for making the extra long trek here and Godspeed on your way back to Springtime. Felipé.x

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