Caminoheads Repair and Towing

Signs of Spring in Calgary from William CCBC.

Early on in the history of this blog I had this feature of Repair and Towing to fix things here that needed fixing. I started out this morning not feeling very good and am just now hours later thinking about doing something useful. So, I need some fixing.

Wiley, our son is off today and has fixing the plastic roof on his deck on his mind. I will be called in on that I am sure. That roof got trashed in the big wind storm that came before the big snow storm which broke everything that was left.

So, one of things that needs fixing is how you think about commenting on this blog. When you submit a comment it doesn’t appear in the Comments right away. It takes a certain amount of time. So don’t panic, have faith. Just submit it once and it will work, honest.

And two, all the news for the Caminoheads Convention will be on the blog in Wednesday’s post. Every week there will be more as we figure it out. We want you to come if you can so look there for details.

OK, I am going to pack it up for now. I am happy I accomplished this much so far. Happy loves, Felipé.