Caminoheads Events And Dates And Times


What a team!
Esther and Felipe.  What a team!

Before I forget let me give you the current walking schedule for local Caminoheads to come and walk and talk here at Raven Ranch:

Monday 0900-1000

Tuesday 1600-1700

Thursday 0900-1000

Sunday 1600-1700

There, good, then a report on the Caminoheads Pie Party yesterday.  So we had our Sunday walk and talk then slid into tapas and then had about fifteen folks for potluck pie.  Everyone brought some kind of something, savory and fruit.  We had rabbit pie, elk tamale pie, Russian veggie pie, mango cream, pumpkin and all sorts of chocolate and fruit pies.  We had wine and Phil’s Pilgrim Brew coffee.  Alperfect.

The occasion was that Our Beloved Esther is off down the pilgrim road to her next destination.  This was her last weekend here on Vashon.  She has been here for three great months and this was her going away party.  We will miss her for a number of reasons but one is that she has energized the locale here for the time that we got to share her.

Such as:  the Caminoheads Make A Will Party and the Caminoheads Car Wash.  She had her hands in on those.  And the Caminoheads Pie Party was a result of her sheparding Felipe past his original idea of a pie fight party, although he still thinks that has possibilities.  So yea, you see it just won’t be the same around here.  Happy trails!  Bon voyage!  Buen Camino Esther!

Monday morning and the start of another work week, love you, Felipe.



3 thoughts on “Caminoheads Events And Dates And Times”

  1. Well, I’m signing up- my first comment ever, and I think I posted it with a post back in March, so here it is again.

    Most wonderous solstice evening ever! So grateful for “Phil’s Camino”. Y’all help keep my heart wide open! How else would I have met the wonderful Esther? More pie!

    1. Dana ~ more pie for sure! I get so much from you neighbor. It would have been fun to walk with you in Spain. Maybe next year, Felipe.

    2. Dana ~ I know it is hard to keep it all straight. I think that I have made every mistake possible at least four times. Anyway, more pie! We just had dinner of left overs from last night, pie-a-ah and mango cream for dessert. Love you, Felipe.

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