Phil's Camino pasture scene.
Phil’s Camino pasture scene.


OK, Monday morn.  Where are we going to go today?  Something that Annie said in the last post stuck me as something really significant.  Looks like a good topic for today.  Maybe grab another coffee.

I remember coming back from Spain and everyone and their brother wanting to know how it went.  That ‘s great really.  They were interested.  What was frustrating for me and probably for you was most of those folks were interested in the twenty five word or less answer.   Here I was, here we were,  after having our minds completely blown having to put that experience into words much less twenty five or less.   Not really possible without months of processing.

Yes, but now I could come up with maybe numerous short answers to that question.  How about, “Yea, it is an international spiritual boot camp and I just got back from that and I feel totally beat up, best thing I ever did!  OK, that’s twenty six words but it’s pretty good.

And maybe the question is hard to answer because of what Annie just brought up.  Maybe the question is in the wrong tense.  Instead of “How was your Camino?” or  “How was Spain?” it should be “How is your Camino?”  or maybe even “How is Spain?”.  The point is that it is ongoing, like the saying, “When you got to Santiago your Camino actually begins.”

Oh look it’s 0908 and I am late for my walk.  Later, love, Felipe.

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  1. You’ve totally nailed it, as usual! I had a difficult but ultimately rewarding day with my elder sister who has Alzheimer’s (a disease I hate as much as I do cancer). I made a lovely Italian meal for myself when I got home and noticed for the 1st time that the paper napkins left over from a student potluck last week were all embossed with cockle shells. And heard myself quote you, ‘Aha, St. James is afoot!’

    It is so good to know that we are all in the community of saints and all of us are always on Our Camino, just walking each other Home.

    Camino Love,
    Mary Margaret

    1. MM ~ yes, your daily walk included the ups and the downs. Tough dealing with loved ones that don’t remember who you are, sorry. But yea, then there are the shells on the napkins. And yes, the community of saints, something wonderful to ponder. Thanks for reminding me. Miss you, love, Felipe.

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