All That I Am Good For

I think that it is time for the laughing Jesus again,


This is my bad weekend in the chemo cycle.  Catherine calls it my Pyrenees weekend.  Yea, that’s it.  All I have been good for today is watching baseball and hockey so far.  But I did have an incredible meeting and walk this AM with Art and Marvin who came from the mainland to play.

Yes, I owe it to Marvin to talk about him.  Marvin is a African American who is a little younger than I am, isn’t everyone and he runs an outfit called Dads.  His wife is with him in this endeavor.  Dads puts black families back together, that’s as easy as I can put it.  We have absolutely nothing in common except we are both serious believers and are both on our own Caminos.  What we realized is our own personal ministries have so much in common even though on the surface they look worlds apart.   That brought us together.

Art, remember Art from the first paragraph put on a retreat in February that both Marvin and I attended.  I got to show Phil’s Camino one evening and did a QandA afterward.  I was amazed how I connected with the group of black men that had come with Marvin.  There is something very authentic happening with Phil’s Camino that resonates with people even if they have no evident connection to Spain, or Camino’s or other surface details.  I was amazing to take this stuff in.  Thank you Marvin for getting back to me with this.

Marvin had a great way of expressing the plight of us when we are so involved with a project that we can’t see what it is that we are really doing.  We are so wrapped up that we can’t what outsiders see.  He called it, “When are in the can and can’t see the label.”  Yea, I get it.

That’s it folks, love you immensely, Felipe.


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  1. Love the laughing Jesus! Good to see you this morning, I hope the talk went well.

    1. Jessika ~ thanks for being with me at Mass. Yea, the talk went great. Will tell you about when we have time. Felipe.x

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