A Veranda Birthing

Doors for Jim and Jen.
(photo J Hyde)

Yea, all of a sudden it was there! Dana just midwifed it’s before our eyes. She saw it vailed but hopeful and called it forward. “Go big or go home! We’re having it!“ Kudos to you Dana!

So, we have eight months to procrastinate, ah plan. That is an over abundance of time to engineer a heck of a party. And pray for a vaccine and a loosening of restrictions. We need to operate inbounds of all that obviously. But I have high hopes that things will look much differently by then.

My coffee is hot as I watch the morning develop. We went from rain earlier to wind, lots of wind and now a lull. Walking in a few minutes so I’m glad that it is settling down. We had a nice walk yesterday afternoon just before sunset. Jim and Jen came to be with me and Wiley. So we had a foursome which is rare these days.

Speaking of Wiley and Jim and Jen I have some pics for them that I could put up today. One of the doors that I am making in the shop for Jim and Jen’s art studio. And one of Wiley and James from the top of Sunrise Peak from our snowy hunting trip.

Doors for Jim and Jen.
(photo J Hyde)
Wiley and James, 2020 Elk Hunt, Sunrise Peak.
(photo Joe?)

I have to thank My Rebecca for helping me figure out how to do some corrections with photographs on the blog here that has been plaguing me since the beginning. It all seems so simple in hindsight but it took six years to accomplish. Thank you Bekka. I get so wrapped up in producing the content here that I seldom leave time for niceties.

So, it is that magic time to get my boots which have been warming by the fire and get geared up for the morning walk. The leaves are all off the hawthorns but the handfuls of red fruit are gorgeous, ready to feed the robins and waxwings. There is no standing water on the trail and the creek is dry as of now.

handfuls of gorgeous red fruit loves, Felipé.

6 thoughts on “A Veranda Birthing”

  1. Well done re the pictures. 🙂 :).

    As the old saying goes. “Your not getting older, you’re getting better”. 🙂

    Monday Luv’s.

  2. That’s quite lofty Sunrise Peak 1796m/5892m but a dwalf in your neck of the woods.the highest I’ve been in 2020 is Skiddaw,931m/3054’in England’s Lake District National Park.i would have qualified it, excluding air travel,but due to coronavirus I’ve haven’t been on a plane in 2020;buses,cars,foot,taxi, ferries and trains but no aircraft! excluding aircraft the highest I’ve ever been is Mt Lebanon,3090m/10138′ about 10 years ago it’s about 110km north of Beirut.something magical about mountains and I remember as a kid flying from Johannesburg to Luxembourg on a Lux Air 707 and seeing Kilimanjaro in the distance out the plane window.

    1. Kevan ~ yea, the guys climbed up there because. There are no elk up there but you can see things if it is clear which it isn’t always. Yea, we aren’t really about mountain climbing but the main idea is that we are elk hunting but this is the highest thing in the vicinity so young guys scramble up there. When Wiley was two years old I carried him up there on my shoulders. On a clear day there is Mt Rainier to the north and Mt Hood in Oregon to the south. Then Mt Adams to the east and Mt St Helen’s to the west. Western Washington fun, Felipé.

  3. Congrats for the doors and for putting up the pictures too! it only took you 6 years… but you eventually learned it! 🙂

    Now, I loved how to entitled this post, and how you entitled Dana as the midwife of the Veranda… maybe she will have to cut a ribbon for the inauguration next August, as cutting the umbilical cord and setting us all off to live the Veranda 2021 experience? I am loving this idea!
    And somehow, it comes too with Advent… and the birthing that we are anticipating… (even the vaccine is about to be born…)…

    Anyway, maybe it is just me, but this suddenly reminded me to John O’Donohue’s line: “When one flower blooms spring awakens everywhere” (and let’s not forget that the flower has been growing in the womb of winter)

    Babies love,

    1. Cris ~ yes to all of that! There is a shift in the overall weather and we are starting to see glimpses of the unburdened future. Yes, we will have to have Dana lead the opening ceremonies. OK, now let the energy build! Felipé.x

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