Will Work For Tapas

Mac and Cheese time!
Mac and Cheese time!

Well, that’s what it’s come to, I guess. One day you watch the “Way” then soon you are on to “Walking the Camino”, the documentary. Before you know it you are buying hiking boots and a pack and ordering plane tickets and using one of those goofy camping toothbrushes. And the end of all that is that now my big daily thought is how do I just make it to tapas.

Hehe, this has been my downward or upward spiral of the last three years. I know I have talked about this before but tapas still remain the high point of my day. And we had a great tapas yesterday. We have a new friend walking with us and enjoying tapas. He made a comment on how our group looked like something right out of the Way. Yea, we both have a common ancestor. Anyway I just threw my hat in the air to celebrate that news.

This “will work for tapas” occurred to me during the night. Maybe our thoughts and talks have gotten too deep and heavy and we needed some comic relief? That’s what I am thinking.

And tonight we have a Belly Laugh Theater session scheduled. I’m still am laughing over the last one where we watched “Naked Gun 2 1/2”. Yea, laughing is good. Off to lunch. I made mac and cheese for our hospital picnic lunch. Yummy loves, Felipe.

4 thoughts on “Will Work For Tapas”

  1. Hola PFFelipe!

    Read you everyday like clockwork, Amigo. You’re always good for a thought jogging, and a chuckle, and maybe, even clear out here in the Heartland, a “Belly Laugh”.

    I don’t think you’ve ever said just what years you were in the Corps, but the years I was in (’68-’72), the highest compliment you could pay a fellow Jarhead was “That Marine’s got all his shit in one bag”. Seems a bit crude now, but it summed up the simplicity of the things we deemed important in those days. For starters, we didn’t HAVE much “shit” (i.e. stuff, belongings, gear). And it was more relevant to us that what we did have was “organized”, i.e. “all in one bag”. You seem to be getting back in that groove with your life now. A lot of “stuff” has just become window dressing, or worse, mind-clogging. Your disease has been a kick in the guts, but your reaction to it has done a lot for you “getting it all in one bag” relative to your mind and heart and life and love.

    Going to be thinking about you this Saturday when the opening day of Pheasant season dawns bright and early. The cattle will get an “early breakfast” since we aim to be at the jump-off (“line of departure”, ring a bell Marine??), at 0800 and heading into the wind on the first sweep of the day. I figure my bum hip has about one good round left in it (aided and abetted by industrial strength pain meds), so I’ll need to be sharp and quick enough to get my limit of 3 cocks by the end of that sweep. Still waiting for you to “friend” me on FB so that you can see this kind of stuff when I post it.


    1. PFJuan ~ good luck on opening day man! On the hunting news I was mentoring a young man through his first deer and wouldn’t you know he got the biggest buck in the territory. Yea, “beginner’s luck” like I was just reading about in the “Alchemist” yesterday. Hmmm, are we familiar with this phenomenon?

      Yea, getting my shit in one bag is a good way of putting things as they stand now. Good call. Crude but effective is sometimes the right way to go. Cancer for me has been a catalyst for change. It’s up to the individual how to us that potential, right? Love you man, Felipe.

  2. I will work for tapas too. Too bad tomorrow is a morning walk. See you then. Sweet dreams. Dana

    1. Dana ~ I think that we will have to whittle out a Caminoheads T-shirt with “Will Work For Tapas”, right? Yes, walking this AM, in a moment. Thanks for the reminder, Felipe.

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