What A Lovely Time

Cris recently at Niagara Falls.
Bekka, Felipe and Cris at Raven Ranch.

Well, Cris has gone and a vacuum remains. What a sweetheart and bright light! We hope that we will meet again down the road.

The weather remains gorgeous and that is almost disorienting for us Northwesteners. What is going on? It too much of a good thing and we don’t know how to handle it, right?

I just had Bible Guys which I was free to go to because Catherine wanted to drive Cris to the airport. We started studying the Book of Hebrews. I don’t think that I have ever done this book before not that repeating is a problem. There always seems something new to learn.

Well, time to get to work here at the ranch. Always something to wrestle with. Keeps us active I guess. So, have a nice day, love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “What A Lovely Time”

  1. Hola Felipe!
    Doesn’t the Camino just provide us with the most amazing friends?! There would be a void in my life if I had to give up the wonderful folks I met there and continue to correspond with. And I truly believe if (when) I get to go again, I’ll make more of the same quality friends. The Camino is like that, yes?

    Hopefully down to the last day of corn harvest tomorrow. Went to Mass this p.m. so Sunday may see it all wrapped up. Cathy and I had FIVE young’ns to clean up and get to Mass with us today. Deja Vu all over again. But we did it, and they were amazingly well behaved. It helps that two of them are altar servers. 🙂


    1. PFJ ~ yes, the Camino attracts a certain set of people that are sweet. We just want to keep that going. So, you are just about done with harvest, everything going OK? Best of luck with that. PFF

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