Up To My Neck

Jordan at the long range target. Everyone was challenged.


Yup, I’m deep in the race with the weeds.  All options are being considered.  I am going to leave you early so I can get out there in the corn.  Thanks for your long term loyalty.

“A journey implies a destination, so many miles to be consumed, while a walk is its own measure, complete at every point along the way.”  Thomas Clark

Walk at 0900 today.  Love, Felipe.


2 thoughts on “Up To My Neck”

  1. Hey Weed Warrior!

    I feel your pain! Forty or so years ago when I first started farming here on “the prairie”, Cathy’s wise grand father said: “You’ll work all your life at it, and the weeds will still be here when you’re gone”. 🙂

    Loving all those walking quotes you’re gracing us with. I’ve got a few of my own. “How do you know if you’re getting anywhere if you don’t stop now and then to see where you’ve been.” Pilgrim Farmer John


    1. PFJ ~ Thank you for your sage words. Early morning here, off to the corn to try and stay ahead. There is something unfair about all this. PFF

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