Too Many Ideas

See, blue sky!
See, blue sky!

I got up is AM and was despairing over what oh what to write for the blog today. Now it is an hour and a half later and I have way too many ideas. One I will write about and the others will have to fend for themselves I’m afraid. If they can cling on to my flighty consciousness til tomorrow they have a good chance of being posted then.

Somehow, all the delightful people that come into my life leave their message, their scent, their essence behind and it clings to me and inspires me. Maybe I don’t discover it for a while. Maybe it takes something else to come along and catalyize it. And all of a sudden it is rampaging around in my consciousness like some love sick bull elephant.

Just to pick one of these love sick bull elephants, it was an idea that Catalina, our staff art historian, dropped off yesterday. She sent an article from the Guardian about the popularity of pilgrimage that is happening. The article went into the phenomenon globely, not just in any one spot. Well, we know that the Camino in Spain is growing in participants by leaps and bounds but others also. What is this craving when church attendance wanes. Are they related? I never put that together before. Here is the link if I can figure it out: Pilgrimage popularity

Is the trail the new church? I know that from my wanderings there are different sorts of ways to belief that exist, as one based on knowledge and one based on experience, say. My stay at the Catholic Church has been brief but what I appreciate most is the experiential quality of it. So much that I take in is gain by my physical doing. This is different from knowledge where I read and study and try and reach an understanding. I am so much of a kinesthetic learner maybe but I get so much more out of putting my whole body into something. Now that is just me but the trail has that aspect, you have to admit.

As one walks long enough and hard enough part of us actually becomes the trail. We sort of donate it. We give it away. We don’t need it any more. And that sudden empty space in us is where God moves into. It’s holy implant. He isn’t an idea any more. This is the trail, the new church.

Wow, and on a morning when I didn’t have any ideas. Bless you all as we get back to work on this Monday morn. Blue sky is appearing for our walk here at 0900. Thank you all for leaving your scent, love, Don Felipe.