The Party

Sorry no walk today. Celebrating our 40th Anniversary!!

Just a slight hangover this morning after so much celebratory activity yesterday. It was our 40th anniversary and also My Rebecca’s birthday tomorrow Tuesday. It will be her 70th, oops, can I say that? Anyway, we went into Seattle with Wiley and Henna and Ubered around to things with the young folks “handling” the old folks.

There is a huge ferris wheel on the waterfront in town that My Rebecca wanted to go on since she thought her skydiving days were over. That was cool and the evening was perfect for sight seeing from beautiful weather. Then we went to our fav restaurant The Phoenicia at Alki Point. We first went there in ‘03 after we returned from our fabled Med cruise and the discovery of Malta.

Alperfect, the whole deal. Walking in a few minutes and that will for sure shake the last of the hangover out of me. Shades of a few mornings in Spain, just a few.

Miss you loves, Felipe.

7 thoughts on “The Party”

  1. How beautiful!!!
    I will write more tomorrow; it is almost midnight here and the day has already been too long!

    Take breakfast to bed to Rebecca tomorrow! And have in mind that cake at breakfast is always a great idea! 😉😉😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    1. Cris ~ cake at breakfast! A girlfriend is taking her for breakfast this morning. I get to go to the hospital for a scan. I get all the fun! Felipe.x

      1. Hehehe!!! I am 100% onto Dessert First and Cake at breakfast (and Cake at tea time too!)

        Love you both!!!
        Catch up soon!

        1. Hi Cris ~ glad we are tickling your funny bone. There is a good idiom for ya. Catch up soon! Felipe.

  2. Hola Felipe!

    Great job on your 40th! Cathy and I are already looking forward to our 50th next May. We’ve got BIG PLANS already in place (our first ever river cruise, doing trans-europe for 2 weeks, Amsterdam to Budapest), and then some fun things around here after we get back. We’re so happy to see you and your Rebecca so happy in your marriage. There really isn’t anything as satisfying as that!

    Really hoping it works out that I can be in Indianapolis for the showing of your BIG FILM! Maybe we can practice on your hangover recovery skills. 🙂 Loveya, man!


    1. Dear hangover recovery skills partner ~ really you are maybe coming to Indie?!? Very cool. Yea, that isn’t too many states away from you, a little bike jaunt. Truly that would be great. My Rebecca is coming. Doug Blush, Roni Kay, Tami Dunaway are threatening to make it. Awesome, HSRPF.

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