The Corn Is In The Ground!!

Beautiful.   One of My Rebecca's rhododendrons.
Beautiful. One of My Rebecca’s rhododendrons.


Yea, last evening when it was starting to get too dark to see I had the corn and the sunflowers IN.   Major event!  I think I beat PFJuan in Iowa.  Not bragging, just reporting.   His crop is a hundred times larger than mine, maybe a thousand,  I ‘m guessing.

I got two long long emails yesterday.  One was from PFJuan and it is on Comments.  He has great stuff.  And the other from Laura in Barcelona with Illa de L’aire.   I don ‘t have time today but tomorrow I want to tell you about that.    What a great gift to be connected with so many great folks around the planet.   They give me energy, things to ponder and all that good stuff, plus I get to tell you about it.

I have to get to work with our son Wiley.   Nice to spend some time with him.   OK, tomorrow, for sure.   Connected love, Felipe.

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  1. Hola Amigo!

    Yeah, you beat me with the corn seeding, but that’s OK. I should finish up tomorrow. I’ll be very happy to be finished in the first week of May. I’ll be moving on to soybean planting next week but that should only take a couple of days as well. It’s always good to have the seeds in the ground. Lots of stuff demanding my attention after the planting is done. Some of it is going to be fun, like getting serious about field-stripping a 1929 Model A that my son Sean and I are working on.
    .It’s a long, long way from being “Parade Ready”, but it will be thrill when it is. We’ve named her “Annabelle” after researching the most popular girls names of 1929. She’s going to be a Honey! Stay tuned.


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