St. Andrew’s Day 2016

This is from Bishop Barron's Word On Fire.
This is from Bishop Barron’s Word On Fire.

I don’t know much about St Andrew other than he was brother of St. Peter. I need to study up. But that is a great image of him that some one painted. Man, I am pretty lame on my facts today.

But I do know that a hummingbird visited our new feeder a minute ago. Fun to see them in the bleak near winter, like little fairies flitting around. Oh, there is another. Maybe the same on, I don’t know. They are green females so far. The males have some red. What wonderful little beings to share the planet with.

Well I am fling out on Friday to Sacramento to join up with our Phil’s Camino magical mystery tour. Esther, Annie, REI, Padre Tomas, The Knight’s of Columbus, Catalina and maybe Electra will be along for parts of it. We will be in Sacramento, Monterrey and Berkeley. News is on Phil’s Camino Face Book page. I am just trying to stay healthy, seems like everyone and their brother has some version of a cold now.

Ok, off to work. Woodwork R Us. Remember St. Andrew’s Day, love, Felipe.

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  1. Hola Felipe!

    Morning Mass at dear ol’ St Joe’s and highlighting St. Andrew. I’ve always had a fascination about the brother Apostles, Andrew/Simon Peter, James and John. Maybe it’s because I have two brothers of my own (and you, Felipe?), and wonder how we would have gotten along “sharing” a close relationship with Jesus. Particularly, James and John, “sons of thunder”; if they were described thusly in the generally reserved language of the New Testament, imagine what they would have been like in real life. I think the Church misses a good opportunity in education when they spend so little time talking about the pre-Jesus life of this foursome. Any kind of study of the Galilee fishermen will conclude they were a competitive, rough and tumble lot. It’s such a deceptively simple description of what they did after being summoned “they left their nets and followed him”. They literally walked away from a livelihood that had probably been in the family for generations. They walked away from all that they owned in the whole world. And walked away from their father, still in the boat!! I wish I was a good enough writer to come up with a plausible “story” on how that all went down!
    I’ve (hopefully!) got some Phil’s Camino DVD’s coming and their arrival is going to result in a St Joe’s get together in Casa Conway! If your ears don’t burn, they’re too desensitized by all that salt air out there. Gonna be a fun time celebrating Phil and Annie 🙂


    1. PFJ~ yes, the whole dynamic of their relationship is really fun to contemplate. They were all so different but they were a team ultimately. Yes, I have lamented about why events in the Bible were so sparsely documented. My kid’s high school soccer games were better covered. But obviously there is enough there for us to work with. How can I complain about the holy book, right?

      In our Bible Guys class we often talk about how dense these guys seem to be when Jesus explains something to them and continually they don’t get it. But when Jesus has to do it again or do it in a different way it is just an opportunity for us to hear it again.

      I’m excited to hear that you have DVDs coming and that you are going to watch it with others. Hello to everyone there. Felipe. ps. – have my red Mississippi River Museum coffee cup in hand.

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