Saint Brigid

Went to Mass this morning at St Brigid’s in Amherst. Didn’t know anything about her till I just looked it up. She lived on Ireland and is the female counterpart of St Patrick. Her dates are 451 to 525. Her fete day is Feburary 1st, the start of lambing season.

It’s beautiful outside and the temp has climbed to above freezing, as in don’t walk under the icicles. Yoav is outside doing chores and I am rested up after my hike to church and back so I will maybe lend a hand. There is a foot race going by the house with stings of people going by in various stages of dress.

Well, it’s all going on, just like always. Hope that you are having a good day. Stay tuned, Buen Camino, lambing season loves, Felipe.