Progress Report 6/25/20

Back on the the trail.
(photo P Volker)

Woah, the 25th of June? Where did this month go? Anyway, back from my visit to the Institute in the big city. I was so exhausted last evening I just collapsed after dinner. Some visits are more stressful than others. But I’m rested up now and ready to go at it again!

So, two things were pluses yesterday. One I am up to 170 pounds, up from 167 at my last visit. Ok, pour on the Klondike Bars! So, that is good as I was worried about this. I am trying to get to 180 again.

And the scan results are back with only the very slightest of growth. Hoorah! Another scan in the books, so happy. I was reading of a woman’s cancer story in my David Brooks’ book Second Mountain the other day. And she was comparing scan results to Olympic medals. The gold is for shrinkage and the silver is for stable. And she said that there was no bronze but I beg to differ. I have a pile of bronzes, years worth. Oh, I’ve gotten a few golds and silvers now and then but I am a definite bronze guy which is God’s way of keeping me on the edge of my seat with my mortality awareness high. So, there is Doctor Gold’s and my interpretation of the situation.

Walking in a few minutes. People coming today to walk and people coming to help weed the corn. I am one lucky guy.

one lucky guy’s love, Felipé.

10 thoughts on “Progress Report 6/25/20”

  1. Great News, My Friend!
    (Kinda cool Dr Gold agrees about Bronze…)
    Boxes largley unpacked here, although my “office” is a chaotic mess of all my stuff.
    Hot, but dry.
    Zillions of projects.
    I am so happy you’ve got some of the good routines back on-line!

    1. Steve-O ~ hey, glad you came up for air! Must be busy with the settling in. And room for an archery target, nice, all the comforts. Are you ever going to be up this way again? Felipé.

    1. Jessika ~ from you I take that as a compliment. My teachers used to say stuff like that. How is your progress there? Felipé.x

  2. Congratulations on adding another Bronze Medal to your collection!

    How many miles from Assisi have been traveled and recorded in the Camino log today?


    1. Rho ~ hi! Had a beautiful walk yesterday with so new folks. And we got it up to 94 laps. So that is 83 km. We are making progress! Trying to get organized to open up archery again here. How are you doing? Felipé.x

    1. Henriette ~ Yea, another bronze for the pile. Will have to haul them down to recycle one of these days. I ordered a pair of those insoles that you recommended. Thanks for the tip. Hello to Catherine. Felipé.x

    1. Hi Bonnie ~ kudos to my whole team getting me through this. The doctors and nurses still slaving away at the mine. Thanks for keeping in touch for all these years. Felipé.x

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