Not Just Any Saturday

A Saturday quince blossom. Perfect.


Here we are balanced between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, two polar opposites.  This Saturday that is in between looks like something empty sometimes, like a blank spot.  Does it have a purpose?  It never did really for me until I stumbled on a notion.  I’m calling it a notion because as far as I know it isn’t exactly spelled out anywhere offically.  It is an idea.  And that starts with as it says in the Apostles’ Creed, Jesus “descended to the dead.”

Yes, and what did he do there?  The notion that I love is that He preached to the multitudes of past eras and offered them His Covenant.  I like to think that is what happened so that no one is left behind for not hearing about it.  It seems a perfect fit in my mind and a sort of puzzle piece that I enjoy putting in place even if I don’t have proof of it’s existence.

And how about Notre Dame’s win yesterday in women basketball.  Catherine and Dana were over yesterday to watch as Catherine is a huge fan of ND.  So they are in the finals tomorrow against Mississippi State.  The finals!  So we have more basketball thrills and chills tomorrow.  Easter and Catholic basketball, that seems a fit.

OK, on my way to do some tilling with the tractor.  Beautiful day here.  Love abounds, Felipe.



10 thoughts on “Not Just Any Saturday”

  1. Feliz Pascua, Felipe!!

    I like your thought for the Saturday… I never thought that possibility… Once I understood there was this “time in between”, I always thought the day was spent “resting”, “taking in that happened” while on this earthy-fleshy life… I somehow like this idea of the “waiting”… that there will be a moment to also “take in”, like “time for a deep breath”, before embracing what may come next… Anyway, this is a mystery, that has taken many forms for me as I grow up, and one I am happy with “not knowing”…

    Easter Love and Easter Blessings,

    1. Happy Easter Cris ~ the Saturday is a strange little mysterious in between time. It packs it with meaning if I visualize Christ preaching to the early peoples, peoples who hadn’t heard the Good Word yet. Yes, we have some great old ancestors I would think. Easter loves, Felipe.

  2. By the way… I cooked quinces yesterday… in a pot with sugar, clove, cinnamon, vainilla, aniseed and red Merlot wine… So funny to see your picture of the quince flower…

    1. Cris ~ see how connected we are these days. Unfortunately we have only an ornamental quince that doesn’t bear fruit but the blooms are some of the earliest in the spring. Felipe.x

  3. Looks wonderful! I’m hoping to get up to Vashen to walk with you between the 5th-10th of April. Is your posted walk schedule from this past week the same? I’d love to know how to hook up. This is Beth Barry from the Camino in Orange County last summer.

  4. Dearest Phil, Thank you for this musing on that ‘in between’ day. At my church we have a really beautiful event every year on Good Friday. It’s called Prayers in the Wind and it is always such a magical and mystical night. This year was no different. What I walked away with after the evening this year was the idea of what kind of a day that must have been for Jesus. How difficult it must have been for him. I find myself sometimes wishing things could be easier in various parts of my life, and getting the sense of how difficult that day was for him is a good reminder that whatever I perceive as a difficulty in this life is eminently bearable! Then reading about your idea about descending to the dead really resonates with me. For in those truly unbearable-feeling times, I often call out to my friends and ancestors on the other side. It makes sense (to me) that He would go and pay them a visit after what happened on Calgary, for both respite and gratitude. Anyway, thank you. You have once again touched my heart with your honest sharing. Thank you!

    1. Annie ~ Happy Easter! Overall it is a very mystical collection of days. Somehow Saturday is so mysterious on top of that. Hello to everyone there. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Felipe.x

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