Not Alone

William is the guy that takes most of the great nature pics around here. From a recent walk with his wife. They are out being “not alone” together.
(photo W Hayes)

At some point early on in my backyard Camino experience I used the word “alone” to describe in my logbook a lap that I just completed when no one was with me. I remember one occasion when I wrote that word in and then started walking on my next lap. And somehow all the birds and the dogs and whatever in the whole neighborhood was out chattering at me, “not alone”. It was sort of a crazy deal. From then on in the logbook I used the phrase “not alone”. So when you see that in the logbook you will know. I’m still using that to this day as a reminder to myself.

Karen from Cambridge had a wonderful blog post yesterday. She was not alone in her walk through the woods. And William from Alberta wrote her about his outdoor hikes and I know that he is never alone. It is healthy and encouraging to be engaged in Nature as we pass through. We are not just observers but are participants in the process.

We had some bizarre weather this morning here on the Island. There was a crazy thunderstorm, very ominous right at the time that I was starting a Zoom meeting with twenty five folks from the Cutaneous Lymphoma (skin cancer) Foundation. They had just watched the Phil’s Camino film and we were doing a QandA via Zoom. They were from all over the US and Canada. An hour and a half flew by. I could do one of those everyday I think, very energizing.

So, I think now I am going to call Buenos Aires and talk with Cris CSABC. It is time to make a decision about how to handle the Veranda party that we have scheduled for August 2020. I set a deadline of June first for myself so we could inform you of any plans concerning a get together.

time to mosey on loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “Not Alone”

    1. Hi Robbi ~ Would you guys consider coming over to Vashon in August if we have a little pared down locals only party? We are working on a plan. Felipé.x

  1. What a great string of ideas in that post, Felipe. ‘We are all one’ even at the times we feel alone or desiring to be alone. And then nature, creation itself gives us a reminder. Perfect!

    ‘Not Alone’ was also the name of a mental health support group for veterans that I was involved with for a few years. They did a good job of getting support to the families that were walking that difficult path.
    And have a good conversation with Cris, I look forward to meeting her.

    1. Ronaldo ~ I was having a conversation with a friend not long ago on the trail here. We were talking about the instances of synchronicity that we all experienced and about how we are always surprised by these. And we came to the conclusion that we all have to be connected a lot closer than we imagine. We are not really alone, right. Felipé.

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