My Life Seems To Make More Sense Outside.

The beginning of the sun for the day on the corn.

I just walked over to the corn to take a pic of progress and turn off the electric fence.  What a glorious morning, summer has finally found us.  And my life does make more sense outside.   Does that make sense?

Today I am back to Seattle and the hospital for more inside stuff.  Then rushing back to the ranch to start the first time ever Women’s Archery Retreat.  I’m so pumped to get this off the ground.  I will keep you informed.

And look at the corn!  It’s eight, nine, ten inches.  Of course the weeds are trying their best to keep up that pace but Felipe puts in an hour or two a day to hoe and hack and pull to hold them back.  Every year there is that saying, “knee high by the Fourth of July,” hanging over my head.  That means for anyone that hasn’t heard that particular pesky phrase, the corn is supposed to be that height by our big American holiday on the 4th.  What’s knee high?  18 inches I’m guessing.  So, let’s see 8 more inches in 11 days.  Seems doable.  But what is really important is when is it going to be ready to eat?  Mid August we usually are starting to sample it.  And it should be ready in mass for our second Woman’s Archery Retreat.  That would be my goal.

Here is some more Thomas Clark with In Praise of Walking.  “Walking is the human way of getting about.”  Somewhere I heard that is the speed that God travels at.

OK, time to go.  Enjoy yourself!  Love, Felipe.



4 thoughts on “My Life Seems To Make More Sense Outside.”

  1. Felipe, I’ve not read your blogs for a while. But today, knowing I am going to introduce you to a small group of dear friends next week, I watched once again the DVD and visited your blogs. Was reminded of a wonderful essay by Japanese theologian Kosuke Koyama who has a book and essay titled Three Mile an Hour God in which he, too, suggests that the speed of love is about three miles an hour. You might want to find that for yourself some day. It was a powerful essay for me to read. It’s all about the essentials, learning the essentials, as you have and are. Even in the wilderness. Or especially in the wilderness.

    Peace and Love, peregrino! Richard

    1. Thank you Richard for getting on board Caminoheads. We are not always so heavy duty, sometimes we just have fun. Where are you located geographically? And where did you hear about our merry band? Felipe.

  2. Hola Felipe,

    I think I read somewhere that “There is a time for everything” LOL!!!
    Things are making sense in their own way all along these days…

    Hugs from down here to up there.

    1. Cris ~ the words for a time for everything come out of the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Ecclesiastes, I think. Yes, you are right. I know I have to quit whinning and see what I can do with it. Happy days, Felipe.x

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