Lovely People

Felipe on the trail.
Felipe on the trail.

I am sharing something with you that I feel the need to. Not that I don’t trust you to understand but because I guess I am reluctant to admit my weakness. Everyday I hear of a new lovely person who has gotten a cancer diagnosis or a new lovely person who this or that is wrestling with the cancer problem. I feature myself as strong and able to handle all this news or able to talk with them or listen to their story on a moment notice.

But it is wearing on me. I do know that I have the knowledge and ability to help others whether they are lovely folks with the direct problem or lovely people who are caregivers that are having their own brand and share. I guess I am describing a form of caregivers fatigue in myself. I must pray for strengthen for myself. I can’t really help others if I don’t help myself first.

I must pass this along to God. It is too heavy for me to carry but nothing is impossible with him. He is available, I just have to bring it.

Thanks for letting me get that out. I feel better already. Well, off to a big week. I have money making work to do and I have my treatment to do. I have my doctors and nurses to meet with. There are walks and tapas in between all that, pilgrims coming and going. Thanks for helping me cope.

Lovely person that you are, thanks for hanging out with me here, it is turning into a special little corner of the big universe. Big universe loves, Felie.x

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  1. Ahh, Felipe- no words, really, after reading your morning thoughts. It is hard to bear witness to all the suffering. Your light is so bright, we are drawn to it, like the warmth of sun on these cooler days turning to autumn.
    Sending you the warmth of the morning sun on your face this morning.


  2. Hey Amigo Felipe!

    It takes a big man to even realize he needs “help”. You’ve got a big load to carry. It’s tough being a hero to so many of us 🙂 In about a week, we’re going to get a brand new Saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I find it so rewarding to read about her life and what she did. The connection for you, Amigo, is that she always felt like she was “losing the battle” and begged for divine Strength. To all of us, she looked invincible and impregnable, but she was constantly self scrutinizing and feeling lacking. I know, hard to believe, but reading her words you will find it so.

    There’s a big difference between trying to SOLVE all the problems of others and simply LISTENING WITH LOVE to the problems of others. Take it from a keen observer of humankind here, you’re doing just fine, Sir, Just Fine!

    Former Marine Pilgrim Farmer Man Love,

  3. Oh, Felipe, let us share the load if that’s possible. You reach out so very far. Here we are, half way around the world, and we still think of you daily, walking your Camino with any and all who need you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Gretchen ~ good to hear from you, thanks. I need to rest up and recharge. Felipe.x

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