Italian Mass

I just went to a little informal Mass. It was just a priest and maybe twelve people gathered outside by the place we were eating. I just walked over and joined them and they welcomed me warmly. It was beautiful and simple.

We are off to do some filming at sunset with the Cathedral in the distance. OK, love you all, Phil.

4 thoughts on “Italian Mass”

  1. Good morning St james!!
    I wish you bless the headmaster, the sheriff, the captain of the Hotel California.
    God bless Phil!!

  2. Phil, thinking a lot about you in the hours before reaching to St. James. Your petitions will be heard. Big hug! PAV

  3. You did it!!!!!
    I am so proud and happy of you. Your dream come true!
    What can say I’m wordless……. my hero …… my inspiration….. blab blab blab!!!
    Were all smiles here in L.A.!!!

    1. Ivette, yes we crossed the finish line. It’s a sad happy thing. Back home drinking a morning coffee and petting the dog like always, love, Phil.

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