Monte do Gozo

Alida and me back some weeks ago.
Alida and me back some weeks ago.

That’s just a beautiful photo in it’s composition, don’t you think? Maryka helped me transfer it to the blog from email. I have trouble with such simple maneuvers. Thank you Alida, thank you Maryka.

I completed my petitions for St James for tomorrow. This is a method that Clara described and involves having four candidates and letting St James pick what he wants to pick. OK, I’m with the program, so: 1. I am asking for a blessing for our world that we may continue to work toward reconciliation and peace. 2. A blessing for the people of Spain for hosting us on our Camino. 3. A blessing for my family, doctors, nurses, angels, friends and advisors that have supported me on my journey. 4. A blessing for my personal Camino wherever it goes from here and for all those who carry a cancer burden. There that looks pretty darn good.

OK, I am going to post this and I will work on getting some more pix ready. Later, love, Phil.

4 thoughts on “Monte do Gozo”

  1. Love the picture Phil 🙂
    …and LOVE your petitions, they brought tears to my eyes! Soak it all in!

    Big hug

    1. Alida, That is the best of shots. Who took that? Tomorrow St James. Love, Phil.

  2. I am uplifted by your journey. Caminoheads has brought a measure of joy and connection, daily. Gracias, Amigo.

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