I Have No Idea

Graffiti to cheer you on.
Graffiti to cheer you on.



I have no idea what I am going to write today but the sun just came out after a rainy gray morning so that must mean something.  It means a lot around here, believe me.

Maybe I will look at my photo library and see what jumps out at me.

There we go!  I was just Skyping with Gracie and she remembered this one and she had her pic taken next to it.  It’s just so lively and the blue is so cheerful.  Excellent.  It is just a symbol of how we can keep each other motivated and positive as we walk.  None of us can have that good day everyday, clearly.  We need each other to take turns being the cheerleader.  Or maybe the person to remind us that we are all unique children of God.

Best wishes, love, Felipe.