Going Global

Caminoheads International.
Caminoheads International.


Just in case I haven’t noticed we are now global here at Caminoheads.  I think that other people have noticed but it took me a while to figure it out.  Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Brisbane, Australia, Cherry’s headquarters,  28 C/ 82 F  nighttime

Cairo, Egypt, Sherif, 27 C/ 81 F sun

Miami, USA, Anamaria and Alida, 27 C / 81 F sun

Barcelona, Spain, Laura, 20 C / 68 F sun

London, England, Gracie, 19C / 66 F sun (Lucia, Scotland, is in this time zone)

Seattle, USA, Phil, 6 C/ 43F cloudy (MM, Long Beach, CA, USA, is in this time zone)

I just put those in terms of temperature which is pretty interesting.  London looks downright cheery compared to here.   Hmmm.  Love, Phil.