The bride showing off the corn at Raven Ranch.

Hopefully we have shook out some new ideas and ways of thinking in the last two weeks as we worked on Radical Remissions. I think that the book is revolutionary and there is no reason why it won’t foster all kinds of aftershocks. As has been said, knowledge is power.

Maybe we have to be careful to interpret the findings in the right manner. That is important. There could be a next book on a way to look at the information covered. One thing that jumps out at me is how in any one individual’s case how factors would interact or support each other. None really occur in isolation from the others.

And again, these basic nine ingredients would work if you were talking about having a healthier lifestyle or getting in balance. They just are very good pointers or guidelines. Hopefully a person doesn’t have to have cancer to understand the benefits. Or I don’t think it is a stretch to say that the lack of the presence of these factors could be the cause of cancer.

Just for an exercise take the nine factors and change them to their opposites. Just for giggles let’s do that here now. As I look at these I can see easily that there could be a few or more possible answers to each but I will just pick one that might be common.

1. Eating what is convenient.

2. Trusting my health to others.

3. Not trusting gut feelings.

4. Not concerned with diet beyond taste.

5. Holding in emotions.

6. Dwelling in the negative.

7. Living in isolation.

8. Having no spirit.

9. Life appears pointless and random.

Boy, that is a scary stew there. It seems more powerful in the negative than I would have imagined. Seems like a nightmare.

OK, let’s shake that off, it was just an exercise. The clouds have broken up and the sun is out. Time to go. See you tomorrow, love, Felipe.

3 thoughts on “Hopefully”

  1. Hoo boy: yeah, I sure agree– let’s stick with the positive side of that coin; keep it in relief rather than intalgio… ( I think I got that right…).

    Good to see you and Becca again. Drive home seemed more like 1000 miles than 500 miles, but made it ok. Seems Smoke and Ash follow me like the dust around Pigpen or a the cloud above Joe Btfsplk in Lil Abner– with clear air appearing either out ahead or just behind me, Ashland to Bellingham and back. There’s surely a Camino lesson in there someplace– help me out on that?
    I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks+ and Rasmus can’t wait, either. Thanks again for Room at the Ranch Inn.

    1. Steve-O ~ Sorry about the smoke. It is back here too. Well the good news is the Mariner’s are winning right now, 6 to 3 over the Dbacks in the bottom of the 9th. Yea, that was spooky how bad the factors appeared when I switched them to the negatives, creepy. Let’s not do that again. See you soon, Felipe.

  2. Ha! When you see that list, there you can see a guarantee for a miserable life for sure! Which certainly it is even worse than an ulcer, a heart attack or cancer!

    Our neighborhood looks very much a place of healing… let’s not move and invite others to move here!

    Bright side love,

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