Good For A Year!

Marla, you get so much extra credit: Phil’s Camino sign, shirt, bandanna and smile! Good for a year!

Yea, we are charged up and ready for the year ahead and whatever it will bring. All we have to do is save our nickels and dimes to catch some transportation back here to the Island, to the Ranch, to the Trail, to each other. August 21st to the 24th for 2020.

I’m finally taking a breath here on the red leather couch, home of the Caminoheads blog. Everyone is gone and on their way. Still some more straightening up to do here but it will happen in the next week. Farmer John helped me count up the donations and we collected $800 even. That’s plenty to cover the port-a-potties and the rest with maybe a little left over. I think that I will be mailing some packages with left behind gear and such so maybe there are a few more expenses.

But we did good, no major catastrophes. Didn’t start any fires. No gear damaged. No feelings hurt hopefully. Some things are being repurposed and put to use for other things. The stage is down and half of it turned into a new bin for kindling for instance. Life at the Ranch goes on.

It is my hope that whatever takes place over the next year we can use the good memories of the Veranda to counter balance any bad news that comes along. We have banked a lot of goodness which we can use to our advantage when maybe things turn bleak. We know how to do this now. There is a lot of power in the knowledge that we are loved, that we are capable, that we belong. We are safely in the “flow of pilgrims” that will take us home.

life goes on loves, Felipé.

6 thoughts on “Good For A Year!”

    1. Maureen ~ same as the communion of saints or the cloud of believers. All good. Felipé.x

  1. So, much good will passed along. And isn’t that what it is all about? Passing it on… Trying to hold on to that. Thanks to all for your many contributions. Marla and I have already put in our reservations to Kelly and we will be celebrating a big birthday for him around that time too!

    Much Love,


    1. Carol ~ it was cool. Hope that it will last a year for us. It was fun having Marla with us too. And tell me when is Kelly’s birthday? I have lost track of that, my bad. Felipé.x

  2. ‘Energy that is saved can be “plowed back” into our health instead of having it wasted. This is a must. Having a strong spiritual connection means having a trust that whatever happens I will be upheld. This is a must for me and I can’t see anyway for me to continue without it.’ – Phil Volker, Aug. 14, 2018

    I really love this idea of being able to dispatch the love and good memories to combat negativity and bad stuff through the year, plowing back energy into health, and being held safely in the flow of pilgrims….as Rebecca sang (and then we sang together) ‘We are all just walking each other home’.

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