From Cris 6/30/18

(Here is a report from Cris your South American Bureau Chief while in Rome at the Vatican within the last few days)

Cris at Niagara Falls, New York


I Was With The Pope

And that is true!!! Although our encounter was not one to one, I was with him, in the Papal Audience on Wednesday and then, I saw him even closer in the square after the festivities for St Peter and St. Paul. He did a round in the mobile and I was at arms length distance from him…
Half an hour later, or more, when people were already leaving and mostly the tourists were in the square, he showed up in the little window (little for the eye as it is huge!!) and gave a short homily and prayed the Angelous.

I am still processing this all, like your Lourdes, like our Camino. All I can tell now is the joy and love this man has. He has so much love, calm, his voice and tone are so loving… and his smile is infectious, he was at some point very close to me, and his smile made me smile, you cannot do otherwise…

And interestingly enough, he gave us an exercise, he asked everybody to close our eyes and go to our heart and search for the blessings God gave to us… very moving… so much grace altogether with so many people recognizing that at the same moment…

More soon!
You were there too! (In the square with me and in my heart as your friendship is a blessing!)

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  1. Actually, you were there, but also all the fellow pilgrims… my Vashoner friends, the other Regional Bureau Chiefs like Pilgrim Farmer John, all the fellows I met along the way… to summarize: The Camino and all it brought. That is an “obvious blessing”!!!

    I will share more as I let this experience dawn on me!
    Maybe today, all I can say from this experience is that we must make the most of our days living it lovingly and joyfully towards and with others. There is no good use of our life if we don’t love others and share the joy…

    Love-full LOVES,

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