Fearful And Fearless

Beauty alters me.
Beauty alters me, once more.

Sort of lost in thought right now.  I’m amazed at people.  We meet each other as we travel down our individual paths, our individual direction.  Sometime we are together for a while, sometimes we meet on occasion and sometimes maybe only once.  But we observe each other and come away with a message.

I am noticing how some folks seem to move forward down the trail seemingly fearing everything that comes up or might possibly come up.   What a burden that must be.  Although perhaps it is not everything that they fear.   Maybe there are areas that they feel comfortable in, I don’t know.

And then there are other individuals that I marvel at that move through the environment with such ease, seemly fearing nothing.  They are aways ready for the next thing no matter what that might be.  I’m inspired by them.

Off to my Tuesday.  Paradise switch is on here on Vashon Island.  Find the fearless, love, Felipe.x



One thought on “Fearful And Fearless”

  1. Buenas Dias Amigo! A special day here, with my bride of 47 years and I celebrating that most auspicious event. Just glanced at the clock on the bottom of this page and noted it’s almost EXACTLY 47 years to the minute that we shared our fervent “I do’s”. No particular celebrations on tap; half a dozen or so neighbors and friends dropping by to enjoy a glass of vino on the deck to enjoy this beautiful Iowa weather. Don’t have any corn growing here on the Home Farm, but the soybeans look brave and thriving in this early summer environment.

    A quick report on the Blessed Mother Pilgrimage (we went from St Mary’s Iowa City door of Mercy to St Mary’s Nichols door of Mercy). It was “advertised” as a 20 miler, but ending up being 23.7. I have determined that 21 miles is the limit for the new bionic hip at this stage of recuperation. 23.7 is 1.7 into the “hurts like Hell” range. Suffice to say I’ve put myself on “light duty” today for rebuilding 🙂 Even after 47 years, my dearly beloved actually asked me “why didn’t you just quit and get in the Sag wagon?” Geeeesh.

    As always, you plow fresh ground with your blog comments. I, too, wonder about the folks who see only fear in anything new. There were about 30 on our walk yesterday, and it proved again to me how refreshingly easy it is to really get to know people in a short time when you are walking with them, particularly on a Pilgrimage. BTW, if your ears were burning, it’s because I talked a lot about you (and Annie, if you’re reading this). Inspirational, is what you are. Netflix will be buzzing now with new folks checking out “Six Ways to Santiago”, and logging on to “Phils Camino”.

    Love it that my Biggo Amigo Kenny is a regular reader and commentor here now. He’s the most wonderful “awful” man I know.


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