Enveloped In Chemicals, Enveloped In Love




Jennifer and I back at the hospital to get our portable pumps taken off.  We will be done soon and will make a run for the ferry.  Oh, here she is now, all done, catch you later.

Back at home with dinner eaten and having time to be with you.  It’s hot here and moving slow.  But I choise to entitle today’s post with “enveloped with chemicals” because I am right now.  Couldn’t possibly hold any more.  Now to do my best with the side effects.

But at the very same time I feel, I know that I am “enveloped with love”.  I get so much great support from all angles, at all times.  This is something that I am sure of.   So, thanks for being a part of this.

I have to go, running out of energy.  Love, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Enveloped In Chemicals, Enveloped In Love”

  1. Okay first of all, who is that with the bagpipes! That is really some sound, isn’t it!?! I recently saw a snippet of a new film, a documentary featuring YoYo Ma as he traveled the world playing all different kinds of music. Doug is an editor on it, and showed my the bit from Galicia. It features an amazing woman who plays many instruments including the bagpipes. She says that growing up in Galicia you either play soccer Or you play the bagpipes. Ha! Later she says that when she hears bagpipes it is like hearing her father’s voice. I think that is so beautiful! Now second of all, I had to reread one line in today’s post a couple of times: “I get so much great support from all angles” I kept seeing it as getting support from all ANGELS! Which I think is probably also true! I am sending you prayers of all needs met, always and in all ways. Much love Felipe. You are the best. Peace-A

    1. Annie ~ sorry there was supposed to be a caption with that bagpipe video. That was none other than Quick Rick: Maryka’s Dad, Carolyn’s husband and our Camino buddy. He is some kind of shirttail relative of Robbie Burns. Just trying to bring culture to the masses. Love you, by the way, anon, Felipe.

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