Diving Into Lent

White and purple crocuses by the house. Fresh new color!
(photo P Volker)

Here we are in the church calendar with the first day of Lent. The beginning of one of the two most holy periods of the year. Yes, the first day, today.

I just saw on FaceBook where Annie O’Neil is doing her forty days of Lent out of her book Everyday Camino With Annie. I did this in the Spring of 2014 before her book was a book and just before my Camino in July. It was tremendous preparation for the pilgrimage. It made it a pilgrimage for me let me say. So, she is starting March 1st so get in touch with her and sign up. I think that I will do it again myself.

I am quickly losing track but Easter will always be the anniversary of my conversion to the Catholic Church. What I am loosing track of is the year but I think that this year will be seven years. This was an extremely good move on my part in that at that time I was in the beginning turmoil of my cancer and needed support and comfort badly. And I found that big time. So, it will always be a special time for me.

Then there is the issue of, “What are you giving up for Lent?”. It was always gum or candy to my Catholic school chums. Being raised a Lutheran I somehow had special dispensation. Just love special dispensation. But as I grow older, a lot older, again it is back with me but in a broader form. A person could definitely give something up or then again maybe add something. Adding something commendable is totally appropriate, yes? Maybe adding a change to the way we do things. All this starts with an intention.

And I did sort of labor over my intentions for this Lent and nothing was really grabbing me, although that hardly means that there aren’t plenty of areas that need improvement. It is just that nothing was standing out. But then I remembered that I had started trying to track down someone that I haven’t seen in a long long time to ask for forgiveness for actions taken on my part long ago. It is something that would be good to resolve. So that is my season’s project I see now.

So with that little confession I need to get things organized for the day. I have been working on the church piano bench to get it there a half hour before this morning service at 10. Just need one more finishing touch to that and I will go deliver it and me.

diving into Lent loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Diving Into Lent”

  1. Phil, Welcome to Lent, sackcloth, ashes and all. Just came from mass, where the schmear was big and bold. I am a marked woman wherever I go today.
    Wanted to share this idea. At the church where I sing in Mercer Island, they gave out 30-gallon black bags, and challenged us to put one item or piece of clothing in the bag each day of Lent–then come Easter, give all 40 things away to Goodwill or wherever. I will probably need two or three sacks. PS Love Annie’s idea; I will join you in rereading her Camino book as a Lenten prayer. Good one. And when you get to the end at Easter, a surprise quote from you.

    1. Henriette ~ always love your thoughts. Lent is something that I always have to work at. It is different than the Christmas season with all of that hoopla. Lent takes some effort to enter but the rewards are great. See you at Annie’s. I may need some help navigating the way into that. Maybe not, I’ll let you know. Felipé.x

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