Corn, Felipe Style

The seeder that I used for the first time this year. Pretty good little gizmo.
Corn looking north.
And looking south.

It is going to rain this evening.  I have been watering the corn for the past few days but maybe can hold off on that today.   Next thing to do is plant a row of sunflowers.  They are a nice addition to the plot and to the roadside stand coming in July.  The goldfinches will be happy too.   Nothing better than happy goldfinches.

I have to remember to take a bag of corn out of the freezer this morning.  Corn salad with peppers and onions is a favorite of mine.  This is last year’s crop feeding us.

Working on getting some kind of protection against the deer and raccoons next.  Last year the Wild Kingdom ( the deer and raccoons ) pretty much grabbed what the weeds didn’t smother.  I have to do a much better job of fencing and weed control this summer to have some crop left.

So, toward the last week of August through most of the month of September we will have our fresh sweet corn on the cob ready for you.  That is blackberry season too, just in case that is not enough.  Late summer the time of abundance, high cotton, the livin is easy, stop by.

Yup, time to go, get stuff done.  The best to you today, glad you could make it.   Love, Felipe.





2 thoughts on “Corn, Felipe Style”

  1. I wonder if timely use of a flame weeder would help you keep ahead of the weeds in between the rows. You are welcome to borrow mine to see. The weeds have to be pretty small but you DO get to stand up to do it:)!

    1. Michelle ~ thanks for the tip. I actually have one and will try it. How’s everything going? Felipe.x

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