Confession Today

My holding cross.


Yup, Catherine and I got an appointment with Father David to do the sacrament of Reconciliation which is the new word for Confession.  I’m not totally switched over yet and maybe that is part of my problem.  I struggle with this and the longer time I wait in between the harder that becomes.

The heavyduty portion of Lent has arrived.  We are hopefully in our introverted mode and are thinking how to make our connections to God and our fellow man better.  That’s Reconciliation there.  Oh, I am so glad that I am writing about this as it is getting it in better focus for me.

If God wanted robots He would have created them but he didn’t, He created us so we could wrestle with it all.  He wants us to choose Him and His Way everyday.  We screw up, we get distracted, we….  It is the challenge for us this choosing.  Lent is the time to get that process back in shape, back in good working order, oiled up.

Yea, so a walk here at Raven Ranch at 9:00 this morning.  I hear that I have a crowd coming.  Great, I’ll get my tour guide hat on.  The trail is looking pretty darn dry these days and we are getting it cleaned up after the winter storms.  Come down when you get a chance and we will “figure it out”.  A little private joke, sorry.

Reconciling love, Felipe.