Cold And Clear And In Love With Freya

No words.


This New England weather is the perfect Christmas weather like in Norman Rockwell illustrations or Currier an Ive’s prints.  So intense one needs sunglasses to see it.  Never need sunglasses for the usual Seattle Christmas.  Although I hear this year might be be one of those anomalies you hear about.

Anyway, the real news is Freya’s arrival.  And guess who is totally in love?  I finally got to hold her and see her close up.  See, this is what happens to crusty old seventy year olds sometimes, they get all goofy.

At Mass on Christmas Eve I got the message that “where I came from is where I am going”.  It is the notion that me going toward death is the same as going toward my birth or where I came from.  All of a sudden that made sense.  The only problem is that my birth was seventy years ago, can’t quite relate or remember.  But holding Freya connects me to a place to touch that mystery.  It’s really that easy and amazing.

Well, that might not be very Christmasie but it is happening at Christmas.  It’s a gift for me.  Thanks for listening.  Love, Felipe.



12 thoughts on “Cold And Clear And In Love With Freya”

  1. That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas!

    Lots of love,
    Terri and James

    1. Michelle ~ it’s my Camino right now. Thanks for being here with me. Merry Christmas to you and your gang. Felipe.x

  2. You might not remember in the ‘thinking’ kind of way, but it is inside of you someplace, just waiting to come out at the right time. It just might start flowing as you hold that baby, as you suggested. Congratulations on Freya and Happy New Year. Safe travels my friend.

    May love flow through you to all,

    1. Hi Ron, thanks for walking along with me. The best to you and Ann. Merry Christmas! Felipe.

  3. Yeah– no words.
    In Love. Yup.
    Grandkids — their delightful existence just radiates “legacy” in a way one’s kids don’t, somehow. A different kind of thrill to see your genes expressed a couple generations out. True for me anyway. I am thrilled for you.

    1. Hi Steve-O ~ speaking of grandkids, are you up in WA? We will be back on the 30th, just in case. I watch my daughter hustle around doing all the chores associated with the new one and I feel sort of guilty because I am not helping her enough maybe. But then I remember that we did all that for her and didn’t think a lick about it. Now I am old and tired and just sit and watch but then my job is different. Always good to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you and Jo and the hound. Felipe.

  4. Loved this post. I can’t remember my birth either, but that doesn’t matter- all about form/non form, right?

    And Freya- well- “unto us a child is born”

    Love her up. Big love to you all out there in the snow. See you soon.

    1. Dana ~ just being around birth was helpful for me. Very enlightening time I am spending with her. Yes see you soon. Oh, wearing Steve’s shirts too. Felipe.x

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