Boxing Day?

Sunrise from Vashon Island from a few months ago.
Sunrise from Vashon Island from a few months ago.

Right, I would love to celebrate this one if I only knew what to do. Does one actually box or are other sports OK, ping pong maybe? Or does this have to do with actual boxes? Boxes are fun, I guess. Would someone enlighten us? This is a British deal maybe. See I don’t know squat on this one, need your help.

OK, here we are, blog time. My favorite time of day, well maybe a close second to tapas. To be with you is special though, here or at tapas. If you could help me figure out the day, that would be helpful. If you could check on this blister right here, is it OK? Just want to see you and laugh at your jokes.

Ah, our daughter and grandson just checked in on FaceTime. My Rebecca usually covers this activity but she is still in the sack. Yea, had to see all the new toys that Osian got. The basketball hoop looked like a big hit, Rebecca’s idea.

While I am thinking about it I want to tell you about something that happened the other day to the Cancer Commandos. We received a nice compliment from one of the nurses. You guys know that Our Jennifer and I travel together to our appointments and we get our treatment together, well adjacent to each other. All this sort of stretches the place’s privacy policies. But we have everyone trained now to handle us together. This includes having a table right by our two chairs at the treatment center so we can unpack our table cloth, candle (battery power) and picnic lunch. There was a rumor that we were sneaking wine in but I don’t know how true that is. Anyway, the staff is always checking in to see how the pumps are doing or if we are comfortable or just to hang out with the Commandos. This time we were done with soup and sandwich lunch and we were sort of lounging with the candle burning, me blogging probably and Jennifer reading a big glossy magazine with the general chaos of the hospital going on around us. One of the nurses walked in on our cozy scene and said, “You guys look like you are in your own living room.” Somehow at that moment we were successful! Nice, Commando Caper completed in style.

OK, time to make turkey soup with the leftover of the Christmas bird. See you tomorrow. but love in the present, Felipe.

4 thoughts on “Boxing Day?”

  1. You never cease to amaze me, Felipe! You also never cease to make me smile, make me think, make me feel, and inspire me, too. Your story about turning the hospital into your living room reminds me of a favorite story. Rev. Michael said that when his daughter was very little, she LOVED to sit in the front seat when he would drive. That was fine unless his wife was coming along, then she would ride in the front seat, of course. Well there was a time when the daughter didn’t realize the wife would be joining them so she climbed into the front seat and was sitting there happily when Rev. Michael told her she had to get in the back seat. She didn’t like that AT ALL, and after much (loud) arguing, she reluctantly got into the back seat. Rev. Michael looked in the rear view mirror at her, and she crossed her arms over her chest, looked around and said “This IS the front seat!” I just love that. We really can declare what we have as what we want, can’t we! Isn’t that pretty much what you did with the Camino? You made your Vashon Camino the Spain Camino and look at what happened! I see your experience as so rich and rewarding, perhaps even moreso than someone who simply buys a ticket and gets over there. I am not judging or comparing, I am just noting the richness of your experience. It feels like thin ice, though, so I best just stop writing and just say THANK YOU for all you do and all you are. You have enriched my life so much. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! I hope our paths cross even more than in the past! <3

    1. Annie ~ yes, sometimes we just are not going to accept things as they are, right? Sometimes you just have to call B.S. on stuff. OK, we got that straight. Good story about the daughter, thanks.

      I can relate about your comment about thin ice. You’re fine, I would have grabbed you before you slipped under. But I know the feeling when writing the blog.

      Hey, wasn’t the podcast fun? I wouldn’t mind doing another if we could rig up an alluring topic. OK, talk with soon, love, Felipe.

  2. Christmas Greeting Felipe!

    Can’t let a question go unanswered that I know the answer to! Boxing Day is mostly related to Great Britain and former colonies (‘cept us Yankees). The day following Christmas employees and servants would receive “boxes” of treats, most often food, from their masters. Tradesmen would also give similar “boxes” to their favorite customers. So, it was definitely a “giving” day. It remains a bank holiday in England and a few other European nations. Our youngest daughter spent time in England during her college studies and remembers it as a very festive day, party wise 🙂
    Our Camino veteran daughter Kelley and her hubby and brood of four delightful daughters arrive later this evening, so tomorrow, Sunday will be our “everybody’s here let’s celebrate Christmas together” day. This wonderful birthday of our Savior is truly deserving of having more than one day to honor it.

    Peace to you my Friend!

    1. Oh thank you PFJ. Great run down on Boxing Day. I guess I could give boxes to all my minions, if I could find them, the little rascals. Yes, if we have more than one day to celebrate Christmas, I agree, it would be a good thing. We had another big dinner tonight, so we are doing it here too. OK, off to sleep, the best to you, PFF.

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