Blue Skying

(photo J Satori)

Oh, today is the first day of the promised warmup. Supposedly we have five days of heat coming up. OK corn, on you mark, get set, go! It’s not exactly the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer but maybe a glimpse.

Our Camino friend Steve down in Arkansas posted a pic of his corn after some heavy wind and rain and it was all flattened. It was probably three to four feet tall to start with! Farmer John had that same thing happen back a few years ago more toward harvest time though. Geez, there is some weather!

Of course I can’t say that that wouldn’t happen here but it is uncharacteristic of the area. We are pretty sheltered here in Hobbit Town. No big wide open spaces, over land anyway.

I guess that I am sort of rambling away here today. A sign of where my brain is lately with all this new treatment and it’s complications. Obviously I’d rather be going to Cabela’s.

So maybe I will shove off and hoe a few weeds or something else useful. Thanks for coming by today.

Hobbit Town loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “Blue Skying”

  1. Good news that your weather has improved,it has here too after the coldest wettest May on record,20c today which is positivity subtropical for here abouts.a nice picture from Dublin and I might be going to Ireland soon,well Northern Ireland,as I want to visit Armagh Observatory.although I shall get the bus over the border to Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland for a look around.Strangley Armagh is the headquarters of both the Catholic Church in Ireland and the Anglican Church of Ireland too.about a 50 minutes flight to Belfast from here but I may go via overnight bus/ferry can’t decide yet? although I keep thinking about going to the Cape Verde Islands instead.well Ireland or Cape Verde Islands I have a feeling I know what most folk would choose! however all on hold as the CT Scan has shown inflammation of my groin and armpit lymph nodes so, probably the week after next,I have to go to hospital in Newcastle to have them removed to find out if they are reacting to infection or, the worst of the two, the Mycosis Fungoides Lymphoma has infiltrated them?well I suppose that the worst would be a third option both reacting to infection and infiltrated by the MF?

    1. Kevan ~ sounds like you have some options. Good luck with all that. Felipé.

  2. Dear Phil, our prayer is for a Cabela experience as part of your upcoming treatment. Walking down the Camino isle you will no doubt see the smiling faces of your pilgrim friends around the table enjoying a meal together and on the end-cap the painful faces as those pilgrims tend to feet difficulties or descend slippery slopes. Then on to the corn isle filled with seeds, beautifully photographed packages with tempting names and exaggerated descriptions. Tools to test the durability of ones back, arms and mind are just across the isle. As you head to the exit, past the outdoor clothing section you get to the tapas section which brings to mind all the cool people who have joined you for a saunter at your place, and the other ones too.
    So as you experience this treatment spend some time strolling through your own Cabela space which should bring a smile to your face. You do have a most engaging smile, your know?
    Best corn wishes,

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