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Yup, back at the ranch in one piece. I have just a few moments before the walk and the rest of the flood of the day’s events. Looking forward to peeking in on the corn situation here shortly. Will give you a report tomorrow.

Ahh, the weekend was so much fun and so rewarding. Somehow we seem to put a cherry on things for some folks and this group really appreciated that. We had a great bunch of friends, helpers and handlers present to share the load of the project leaving Annie and I energy to work with the attendees who I think got more than their money’s worth. All this is very rewarding to understand that we are making a difference in people’s lives. (and they in ours)

So look, short session today, corn report tomorrow. Time to take on the day loves, Felipé.

4 thoughts on “Back To You”

  1. Never fails to be a rewarding experience, whenever and wherever we find ourselves conveying the Phil’s Camino message! Feeling gratitude for being able to participate, contribute and continue the journey of learning and inspiration! Whenever, am with our crew I gain more than I give!

    Buen Camino,

    The Handler

    1. Carol ~ Hi! So glad that you feel like that. These deals keep getting better. I sense that we are getting our point across better each time too. Thanks so much for filming by the way. That was a good idea. And the best thing is see you soon! Felipé.x

  2. Hi Phil,
    I’m one of the members of the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation staff…we sat together at lunch on Saturday and I later lamented that I should have made better use of that time. But in retrospect, I would have asked questions about your home and what it’s like to live on an island. Silly questions really. Having time to reflect on your documentary and your responses to the Q&A, I have more thoughtful questions.
    Do you think you would have experienced as much of a change in the way you view and now live your life if you had only ever walked the “Camino” you created at home? Was the trip to Spain a necessity to that change? Or do you think it was all meant to be and so the trip was going to happen because of a “bigger” plan? Do you think each of us has a “Camino” experience in us that may not be a literal physical pilgrimage, but yet has the power to change us?
    All that said, I am still curious about rural living on island!

    1. Deb ~ thank you so much for a fun and meaningful experience at your conference. It was a rich audience that was there. By rich I mean a lot of survivors and caretakers were present, my best audience these days. As to your questions, I think that I needed both, my Camino and the Camino in Spain. But one amplified the other. I definitely got a lot out of my time spent here at home. But yes, it was part of some bigger plan. It was all supposed to be happen. The film was supposed to happen so everything leading up to it had to happen. And yes we all have a challenge in us for sure. It may look totally different than that but it is there. There is always the invitation for change. OK, you are still curious about rural living on an island. You could come and check it out. We have numerous house guests coming and going all the time. Thanks again for inviting us down. Felipé.x

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