Back From The Institute

Little snowdrops on a frosty morning.
(P Volker)

We are celebrating onward after yesterday’s good news. It just was a great day no matter where you were in the area. Everyone was on happy juice. The weather was gorgeous and we have another good day today it looks like. Must be livin right!

I actually had a hard time breaking away from the Institute yesterday. Wonderful nurse friends there and we have to always catch up on news. Then I may get to mentor a patient which is the best. I did have a lunch session with a gal that is taking treatment there that I haven’t seen in six months. She doesn’t know how powerful she is getting. She doesn’t realize her own power, in other words. A celebrity in the making. I was talking her up you might imagine.

That’s part of our pilgrim job description, right, to talk each other up and keep us moving? Well, I have always thought so. We all need that at times, the encouragement. And we don’t need to look too far if we have good companions close by, as in the person walking next to us.

Well, off to my own walk here in a minute. Blue sky and a warm sun out there on the trail. Where are my boots?

stay close loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “Back From The Institute”

  1. Hola Felipe!

    How did that standard USMC directive go? “Hoist colors and Carry Out the Plan of the Day”, or words to that effect. Carry On! It was always such a temptation for me to pipe up, “Carry WHAT on?” Probably much better that i always was able to tamp down that temptation.

    Notice HERE, that you’ll find the Bureau Chief Friday Substitute Blog for your Real Blog in your email in-basket. Prune away as needed to fit your needs. It was a fun one to write, and the subject has me in full-on “wishing mode” for another epic Pilgrimage. Thanks to you, Amigo!

    I’ll be forwarding some “seed money” to put in the Trail Jar, hoping that it will “go forth and multiply”.
    The motley crew of former sailors and Marines will be invading the West Coast at the end of May with the mission of “raiding” Jay Leno’s Garage. 😉 The ultimate “friend of a friend of a friend” scored this coup for this bunch of old car lovers. (that means we love cars, not actually loving IN cars, to be clear) Hoping the spring weather is more kind to us farmers this year than last, with the rainy season lasting FOREVER then.

    Thrilled that the doctor reports keep coming up roses!

    Semper Fi

    1. PFJ ~ That’s what Dr Gold, callsign Nugget, says with satisfaction when we have fulfilled all the requirements, “We are staying the course!” I’m happy that he is happy. Thanks Juan, splendid post for tomorrow. Thanks for keeping track of that. PFF

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