Back At The Ranch

Here we are back at the ranch after our 3000 mile journey to see Freya.  Catherine and Dana picked us up at the airport and had a fire going at our house and put together tapas and dinner.  Wow, nice reenetry.

And a big thank you to Kris and Yoav who put us pilgrims up at their place in Amherst.  It was a hard journey being winter and all but here we are back in the wet warm of the Pacific Northwest.

I am going to quit  early since I need my beauty sleep.  Tomorrow is another day for us to talk,   By for now and love you, Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Back At The Ranch”

    1. Hi Ron ~ good to be home and warm up. Is it colder than usual down there in Virginia? Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Thanks for your friendship. Hi to Ann. Felipe.

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