Appropriate And Robust

That seems to me to be a great phrase. We just need to connect it to something somewhere for it to have some life, some purpose. Preferably that would be a good life and a good purpose.

Finding a way forward. That’s Our William.
(photo J Hayes)

In this time of pandemic old familiar things seem distant and hard to get to. Maybe can’t get to them at all. I don’t need to go into that as you know the story. We are prisoners and witnesses to some things disappearing and some things birthing and the whole deal seems abstract and far away. We struggle for control, for some way to order the chaos.

My question is what is our response to this situation? That is where the “appropriate and robust” comes in. What can we hammer out as a statement describing a way out, a way forward? Where do we start.

Maybe defining the problem is the first goal. I’m struggling here. But I sense a need to make some progress in this area.

But I am out of gas for now. Catherine coming and we will say our rosary and then drive up to church to take Communion. I know for one that it is important to keep our spiritual connection lively.

Sunday loves, Felipé.

One thought on “Appropriate And Robust”

  1. The first thing that came to mind as Appropriate and Robust is, and for me always has been, relationships with people. Family comes to mind, friends of course but maybe, just maybe, for me it is the passing stranger who we interact with for a day or a minute, maybe never see again that is also important. And the lockdown has limited those ‘random’ relationships.
    The physical level, hugs, gazing into another’s eyes while talking and carrying a load together also is missing. I am thankful that Ann and I are together during this time. I sure feel for those separated from partners or having to live with someone they don’t love for that time.
    I’ll let someone else talk about behaving Appropriate and Robust which was the other thing that came to mind.


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