A Most Valuable Gift

Felipé, Jack and Catalina, Veranda 2019. Could it happen again?
(photo unknown)

I was gifted a most important item yesterday. It is a little piece of ground in a peaceful pretty place with neighborhood friends all around. Given to me by a kind friend was a plot at the Vashon Cemetery. I went and looked at it for the first time this morning. Couldn’t be happier about this development.

My Rebecca and I went and had an hour with the local Funeral Director, also a friend and total wonderful person yesterday. We hammered out some important details for the future. It was time for that or maybe way past time for that really. So, good for us!

And Thanksgiving on our doorstep. We have a turkey thawing. And the time now to gather ingredients for the meal. Wiley and Henna will be here. Henna to make mac and cheese as a side dish. That was to please me as I wanted to try it. So we will be small but mighty.

Last year we were at a large family gathering with Henna’s fam here locally. It was really fun and of course we are mourning the loss of such excitement but here we are. Well, we are all promising to be good this year and are keeping it small and local, right?

I heard some optimistic news on the radio this morning about how the States could have half of our population vaccinated by May coming up. This would put a major crimp in the plague. Is there hope for Veranda 2021? Do we have dates for that?

that’s all for now loves, Felipé.

8 thoughts on “A Most Valuable Gift”

  1. Phil, Yay to you for taking that important step with Rebecca. I have done the same, and even picked the music for my memorial service. It’s strangely comforting.
    Verandah 2021 is already on my calendar for August 20-24. Write it Down to Make it Happen! Talk to you later.
    Vaccine coming loves,
    Henriette Anne
    Here’s to Thanksgiving 2021!

    1. Henriette ~ I think the dates are 20-23, that is four days, Friday through Monday. Felipé.x

          1. You made me realize that then, I will have to spend 44 days… so it is the 40 days I had planned to spend on Veranda 2020 plus the 4 days from Veranda 2021…

            Skilled at maths Love,

          2. No problem Cris, we will put you to work. Hehe. I am so excited that the Veranda could be a real possibility. Felipé.x

  2. Dear boss,

    I have some mixed feelings as I read this post today… and I need some reflection before I can comment, maybe because I have had this feeling that death is a part of life, but one thinks and feels different about it when it is the death of those we love… yet I have more and more been thinking on how much we are not proactive about this fact, we know it will come but we do not prepare anything, and then we either let all on the hands of those who won’t care, or we will burden the ones who care about us so much that don’t deserve to have their minds busy with sorting out logistic details in such a moment… (I have to say I have a very funny story here about my own uncle, but that is for another comment!!!!)

    I am glad that you and Rebecca did this, and there is a wonderful timing too, to do this around Thanksgiving.

    Nevertheless, as we, pilgrims, are like an evolved rat in a wheel, we are already planning for the Veranda 2021… I have booked whole August 2021, and then, you can tell me if I should go earlier or stay later, because if you remember, I am spending there 40 days!!! (and partying, not quarantining!!!) Scientifically speaking, we will have COVID circulating by then, but hopefully between the heirs immunity and the vaccination, plus the virus mutations, things should be safer…

    Togethernessing Loves,

    1. Cris ~ wow, a lot there to talk about. And we will have time. The whole funeral operation was good to get started. I have to talk with Father David about a Mass and there are other things to consider.

      Then the Veranda! It is not too early to start talking about it! Felipé.x

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