A Day For Rainbows

Another Rasmus shot.
(photo S Sunde)

Got so extremely changeable weather here today. Topsy-turvy. Screwball. It’ll fool ya type day. Got two laps of the trail in earlier. We ducked in and out and stay pretty dry, the five of us. That is a good turnout for a morning walk. Plus one of them was the infamous Kelly, my partner in Camino crime.

So great to see Kelly again. He seems in pretty good shape and looking particularly dapper these days. Let’s see what has he been up to? He had some family business to take care of lately and he is doing his annual Springtime deal of giving away tomato plant starts. He grows hundreds of plants in little yogurt containers and then hands them out, his gift to the community.

raining again loves, Felipé.

2 thoughts on “A Day For Rainbows”

  1. Hi boss,

    Can I be adopted by Kelley and eat all his tomatoes? I promise to do a great job as my gift to the community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tomatoes grown from yogurt containers make me think of my grandfather and his tomatoes… I close my eyes and can taste the smell of those, and see him, kneels down, like you in the corn, weeding!

    Miss you massively.
    Love you immensely.

    1. Cris ~ this is a massively good idea to be adapted by Kelly and have to survive on his home grown tomatoes!
      He was just here to walk and I hadn’t seen him in a while. He was describing his tomato growing methods. He has been doing this for decades and giving most of the plants away. Felipé.x

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