January 2nd

Felipé in his lucky shirt.
(photo Henna Volker)

So what do we do today? Is there some protocol? The day after Christmas is Boxing Day so maybe… Maybe the day after New Year’s Day is some kind of a Different sort of Boxing Day. Like a “pack up your sorrows” day. Maybe Dumpster Day. Just chuck all the major BS from the old year in there and the whole kit and caboodle disappears down the road. Just a thought.

While we are working on that I have something else for you. A friend has a blog post on this site:

Debra’s Blog

Debra Jarvis is a chaplain at U of Washington Hospital and a good writer. She publishes twice a month and is funny and her material poignant. Check it out.

OK, I am off. Still have things to do today and PFJ’s alma mater is playing football top day I think. Might nap have to check in on that.

dump lots of stuff loves, Felipé.

Classic or Traditional?

(photo W Hayes)

These are the kinds of heavy duty questions that I try to avoid at all costs these days. I was just making a last minute purchase on New Year’s Eve for a quart of egg nog and I am confronted with this. And it is from the same dairy, really guys? Classic or Traditional? I’m glad I wasn’t on some mind expanding drug or I would have been staring at that til the store closed.

Hopefully our new year will have components that are more clear cut than that. Yea, the new year, here we are! Happy New Year everyone! We made it! So many great greetings and salutations from all over the world are coming in! It started with a FB post from Angela in Australia and continued time zone after time zone. So many happy cheery faces ready to tackle 2021.

One of the most important things to remember about 2021 is the big Raven Ranch party in August. So if you haven’t already, then mark it down on your brand new calendar, that’s the 20th-23rd. There, no muss no fuss. We will all be ready to go by then. OK, I’m placing the order for the seed corn🌽. That’s Sugar Buns, Bodacious and Golden Jubilee. Oh yum!

There is a rumor around that I am changing the Veranda name this year. I would like to say that yes I am working on a new name, something that is more appropriate for this year and what we have been through. The name Veranda was good, awesome really. And then last year we had the Corntine which reflected the reality of the quarantine. So, this year’s has a new name to try and capture the feel of what August 2021 will be like.

all new yummy loves, Felipé.