Looking Ahead

Keeping it real.
(photo W Hayes)

I am doing my best to stay inspired here in my bunker. With my new treatment starting tomorrow that should normally be easy. Yea, I am excited about the prospects of this new approach. Let’s get going. But this is over shadowed by so much these days.

One thing that is starting to come to me while I am here in the bunker is to start and write the vision of the Oasis. Before the Veranda I had a poetic vision of it and wrote that down. I am getting close to getting started on the Oasis version. And that would be good for me to get my energy moving forward.

We need to know that the Oasis is out there ahead. We need to move forward toward it no matter how haltingly, no matter how slowly. The move is on!

in the trenches loves, Felipé.


Just because.
(photo P Volker)

I just have to wrap up the events of last week and store them somewhere for a while. It’s just too heavy to carry. This is a new week and time for me to regroup.

Somewhere around here is my light hearted ness, temporarily misplaced it. I’m always loosing my keys and phone but this is a little different maybe. Oh, I‘ll find things eventually and I am calling all this temporary.

So glad that I have all you to share my time with. I know that it isn’t any easier for you either. But hopefully as we have always done we can help each other through this section of rough road.

We have a walk in a few minutes. It is gray and windless out there like we are being smothered by a huge wet towel.

on my way loves, Felipé.

Rare And Crazy Times

A tomato in the heart rocks.
(photo P Volker)

As much as I wish my life was all about football and tapas these times call me away. More than call me away they are beating on me night and day. There is much to sort out and take in and process. In the meantime I struggle to stay centered.

We seem far far away from our happy go lucky days walking on ancient trails. Now it all seems a burden way heavier than any pack we ever carried before. But I know we have a flame that is still alive and well. Can we find it and protect it and show it to each other.

Can we, yes, not forget to show it to each other as we walk through these times. We need to make sure that as many of us as possible make it to the finish line on the other side. We have a long way to go yet but it is doable and it is our way now as it has always been to keep moving and help each other out.

Catherine is coming, time to find my boots.

as always loves, Felipé.

Phil’s Camino Walking Schedule, Janurary 9, 2021.

(photo R Graves)

Hi You All ~ it is definitely the WET season and yes there are encouraging signs of lengthening days. This means that rubber boots are necessary and rain gear bring along. We are keeping our distance as the times call for but it is not ruining our FUN.

Here is our schedule which will hold til the time changes in Spring:

Monday 0900-1000
Tuesday 1530-1630
Thursday 0900-1000
Sunday 1530-1630

Hope to see you at some point, Felipé.

Rollicking Ronaldo

Ron and Ann, Astorga, Spain.
(photo R Angert)

(photo R Angert)

Camino Angels

Much is written in books and on social media concerning Camino Angels, those people that enter our lives along the Camino at exactly the time we have a felt need and they remove it from our ‘worry list.’ Or they leave us with a few words that blossom into just what we need later in our journey. Sometimes these angels disappear once their task is complete, but they may become friends for life.

Many see the Camino we walked as a metaphor for life, in a way we were walking the Camino before we even decided what shoes to wear. You were on it before you even heard of the Camino. And as most agree, it sure doesn’t end in Santiago. So where were the Camino Angels before and after? Well, I’d like to suggest that they were there all along and that we were so occupied by Doing Something that we missed them and their gifts. We weren’t, as they say, “In The Moment.”

If you think back upon your time walking towards Santiago de Compostela and a smile comes to your face I bet you have an Angel story yourself. If so, please pause reading this now and spend a few moments remembering how you felt before and after one of those encounters.

Are you warmed up now? Or didn’t you have such an encounter to recall?

If you are nodding your head “Yes, I know” or are shaking your head “No Way” you both can try this absolutely free treat with no small print attached. The “Yes, I know” people can be on the lookout for someone to be an Angel to, the opportunity is coming your way. Many people find themselves in dire straights due to the changes brought upon us by the events of the last year and are just ripe for an Angel to do something amazing.

Those saying “No Way” can just be a tad more open to the meaning of that “coincidence” or opportunity that comes out of no-where. Embrace it and then tell the story to someone.

And both groups can practice gratitude – being thankful – for being able to give or receive these special gifts.

With Angelic love,

Ronaldo in Astorga

The Magi’s Gift

Wine, bread and water.
(photo P Volker)

Yes, you got the news already but there is more to say. I just counted eleven comments that are in Comments concerning the good news. And good news it is. It is a good example of how all my treatments have appeared to me. I jump from rock to rock as a kid crosses a river not always knowing where the next rock is. The water swirls and rises and falls randomly. What is next isn’t what I just did.

We are standing on a new rock, the Keytruda rock. It feels pretty steady. I see Cris seconding the motion on this drug. And this is more than just a drug, it is a new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with the problem. I look forward to that. This is immunotherapy, a new approach.

Thank you Magi. Your gift was earthshaking. Thank you.

we continue loves, Felipé.

Guess What? We’re Celebrating!

On the boat home after a long day.
(photo P Volker)

Yup, my gift from the Magi showed up big time! It’s Epiphany, right? January 6th, right? I am cleared for immunotherapy! Will follow with some details but for the moment we are calling it a WIN. It is the way forward! A new trail!

Neither Rebecca nor I totally understood all the lingo at Nugget’s meeting but got enough of it to get that it was a good thing. So basically my cancer is putting off a major amount of mutations. Twice as much as is needed to put it in this category for this treatment.
I’m in, or actually my cancer is in.

The drug chosen to start this process is Pembrolizumab or more commonly known as Keytruda. A couple of my knowledgeable oncology nurses said that they liked that one, they were encouraging. I’m happy with that.

That’s all I have energy for today. Thanks you all for your thoughts and prayers.

jumping to the next rock loves, Felipé.

Flying Squirrels

Felipé self portrait.
(photo P Volker)

Another rain storm just rolled in at noontime. The Island, well and Western WA is inundated with flood water. There are road closures and mud slides. The trail is pretty darn soggy here at Raven Ranch. If you are walking with me in the next few weeks, rubber boots would be the footwear of choice.

As to flying squirrels, haven’t seen any lately but they did cross my mind this morning. You know the Washington Football Team is looking for a new mascot since they dropped “Redskins“. How about the Washington Flying Squirrels? I don’t know if I like that better than the Washington Bureaucrats or maybe the Washington Flying Bureaucrats. Sorry, I’ll try and change the subject now.

Maybe I just procrastinating. We had a death among our friends here on Vashon. A friend, Mike, who lived on our road here and we worked jobs and went on hunting trips together. He went back even further as he was in the same high school class with Rebecca back in Memphis in the 1960’s. That’s way back. So, we are mourning presently.

I think I will take off. You are the best. Hang in there for today. Anon.

flying squirrelly loves, Felipé.

A Dream, A Good One

Spacious and comfortable.
(photo P Volker)

I feel so lucky when I get a good dream, like the god’s are smiling down on me that night. And a good dream can last a long time giving off it’s energy. In my own sophomoric understanding of dream symbolism I’ve always taking a building or structure or place to be a container that is me, the big me. In my past they were houses, schools, hallways or military bases. But it stands for the architecture of my whole being. Yea, that’s good.

So, in my dream I went to a party in a building that was given by the owner who was showing it off with the idea of renting or perhaps selling it. There were other people there at the party of course but I don’t quite remember them as maybe my mind was on the space itself. It was maybe three or four stories with beautiful stairways. It wasn’t vertical enough for an elevator. And the building was square in layout, without a lot of wings and dead ends. It was easy and enjoyable to get places vertically and horizontally.

It wasn’t a school or a hotel or a office building. It’s purpose looked like a conference center maybe. Small spaces and big spaces enough and everything comfortable and easy to get to. It looked like enough space for all my friends and associates to do what they do. So, that is all I know really, but that is enough. This form of architecture was my intent.

OK, have the Monday morning walk!

spacious and comfortable loves, Felipé.

Our Blank Canvas, 2021

We have a new Bureau Chief I am very proud to announce. He walked with me and with others in our extended family there on the trail. His name is Sherif and he just sent a pic from Egypt where he and his family reside.

From Egypt!
(photo S Tamim)

So that is new here, very new. And a lot of new things will be happening with us in the unfolding of this new year! Are we ready?
Have we thought about changes that we need to make to parallel or even facilitate what will be 2021, the new year that we just have an opening glimpse of.

Perhaps we need:

New settings.
New attitudes.
New looks.
New scoresheets.
New tools.
New measurements.
New ways and means.
New connections.
New nourishment.
New healing.
New ways to love.
New ways to grow.
New ways to relate.
New ways to see the stars.
New clothes.
A new walk.
A new talk.
New ways to get our ducks in a row.
New ambitions.
New motivations.
New devotions.
New ways to say thank you.
New ways to say I’m sorry.
New ways to make music.
New ways to paint.

Well, it is a start. This blank canvas can be scary if we let it or it can be one big precious opportunity. What color shall we start with?

dark dark blood red loves, Felipé.