We made it to the hostel before the rain came.  Walked about twenty kilometers to this town of Zubiri .  This morning was very private for us but we fell into a great group for the afternoon.  Two Dutch sisters, agal from Sweden and a fellow from Egypt.  We talked our heads off and the kilometers went by quickly.

This is an amazing fact finding mission and I can’t wait to share it with you as it unfolds.  Will try and include some pix next.  But the lights are going off here in a few moments.  Tomorrow is coming soon, Phil.


2 thoughts on “Zubiri”

  1. Hey Phil and Kelly! Following your path closely and checking the weather which looks good for a couple of days. Enjoy the hills; the Meseta is still mor’n a week away. Buen Camino…

  2. Phil, Knowing you are there and in the midst of your journey really feeds me. We had a couple of days of rain here last week but now it is hot and dry again. We are tracking your route and updated maps appear in the Bulletin each week. I can hardly wait to see any pictures you may post. God Bless you and Kelly!

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